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Valentine’s Day 2012: Top Things To Do in Europe

Valentine’s Day 2012: Top Things To Do in Europe


Valentines Day 2012 in Europe

As you’re already in Europe on your working holiday, you have so many options for a true European Valentine’s Day. The big question is, which country or city is the best place to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2012. So here’s our most romantic, fun, interactive things to do in Europe. As you’re used from us, it’s off the beaten track.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in UK

Of the various customs popular in England, penning of verses of love affairs and matters of heart is the most fascinating way to honor the Saint patron of love, the immortal St. Valentine. In various parts of the United Kingdom, celebrations take place according to the customs and traditions and as the day approaches, all magazines and tabloids are readying for the day and they publish sonnets and verses to commemorate St Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Germany/Valentine’s Day 2012 in Austria

In some countries like Austria and Germany there has long been a tradition for men to buy their sweethearts flowers on Valentine’s Day. An interesting facet of this tradition is that men have to pay attention to the type of flowers their sweet hearts like- both in terms of color and fragrance. In Germany it has become a kind of must for the lovers, husbands or people who are courting, to give gifts and flowers to their loved ones on Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Italy

Italians call Valentine’s Day La Festa Degli Innamorati. Rome is credited with the origination of St. Valentine’s Day. Candies, perfumes, roses, bon bons, and diamonds are traditional gifts as an expression of their love for each other. Baci Perugina chocolates are popular candies given.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in France

In France, they exchange beautiful greeting cards with romantic messages called cartes d’amities. France calls this day La Saint Valentin. Good food and music are an important part of this day in France, with live musicians performing throughout the country. Candies and red roses are popular gifts.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Scotland

Scotland celebrates Valentine’s Day with a dance festival and somtimes weddings would be done at the festival. In yet another Scottish tradition the first female or male that cross each other’s path are each other Valentine’s Day for that day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Spain

In Spain, husbands frequently send their wives bouquets of flowers.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Norway

Norway and Denmark call it Valentinsdag on Feb 14 and give lover’s cards. In Denmark, it is customary to send Snowdrops, which are pressed white flowers to their friends. The men send goekkebrev, a rhyming letter without signing his name, only using dots(one for each letter of his name). This is known as a joking a letter. If the girl guesses the guys name, she gets an easter egg at a later time in the year.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Sweden

Sweden calls this day All Hearts Day – Alla hjärtans dag. This holiday gained popularity through the flower industry. Although it is not an officially recognized holiday, flower and perfumes and cosmetics are so popular, they are only bigger sellers on Mother’s day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Finland

Finland celebrates this day as Friends Day Ystävänpäivä, which is a day to honor your friends more than lovers.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Romania

Romania has recently added Valentine’s Day to their celebrations, but has received a lot of negativity because many believe it is an imported ‘Western’ commercialized holiday, and it interferes with their traditional holiday of love on Feb 24th, called Dragobete.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Turkey

Turkey celebrates Sweet Hearts Day called Sevgililer Günü

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Slovenia

The country of Slovenia is one of the newer countries to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In this country, it marks the beginning of Spring. Legend has it that birds marry. In the countryside people start working on the vineyards and celebrate their day of love on March 12.


Valentine’s Day 2012: Top 5 Cities Celebration


1. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Paris: Something different in most romantic city

Whether you like it or not, Paris simply has to be in this list. Many call it the most romantic city in the world. But instead of going for the standard walk on the banks of the river Seine or a dinner in a fancy 3-star Michelin restaurant, you’ll do something totally different (surprise her). How about emerging yourself in true French romance by visiting the Valentine concert of French singer Patrick Fiori at the Olympia Hall (tickets from €40). Oh and don’t forget to book a romantic bed & breakfast or hotel in Paris.

2. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Amsterdam: Icy cold and snowy fun

Doing a sightseeing tour by canal boat while sipping bubbly is pretty romantic. But you can do better than that. As winter kicked in pretty late this year, there is a high probability that some canals will be frozen over. Maybe not in Amsterdam but definitely in the surrounding area. So do a Dutch ice skating tour together (where it’s all about distance and not how fancy you can skate). Then afterwards you can have a hot cocoa with a glass of ‘jenever’ or Jaegermeister to warm up. And together you can watch the people outside playing in the snow from your warm (and affordable) hotel room.

3. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Seville: Southern warmth and fresh tapas

Okay so the two of you aren’t much of a snow or ice fan. Well then heading south is a great idea. Simply go to Seville, the most southern city in Spain. During the day you can catch some sunshine (average high temperature of 17.9 degrees Celsius in February) and check out the amazing architecture. And at night you’ll indulge in the delicious tapas that are available from the many bars ad restaurants in the city. And there are some really nice places to stay in Seville.

4. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Oberhausen: Shop in paradise till you drop

Almost every guy knows how incredible difficult it can be to find your girlfriend the perfect gift. A gift that she actually wants and won’t return the next day. Sounds almost like a mission impossible. But there’s a solution. Visit the massive mall Centro in Oberhausen and let her choose. Take a look the shops you can find at Centro, Europe’s biggest shopping centre. After a long day of shopping it’s better to stay at a hotel nearby as you probably will be too tired to go home anyway. Plus it allows you to go back to the shops you missed the next morning.

5. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Copenhagen: Enjoy the colours

Make it a colourful Valentine’s Day in Copenhagen. There’s heaps to do there. From the Winter Gardens at Glyptoteket to dressing up for a night at the Opera. Or simply watch the sun go down. Oh and don’t forget about about the flowers in Tivoli Gardens. Or enjoy a night in in your cosy Danish bed & breakfast.

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