30th BCS Final Appointment Result –

30th BCS Final Appointment

BPSC Published Final Appointment List for 30th BCS

Dhaka, May 17: The government has appointed 2,262 officers in different cadres of Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) through the 30th BCS examinations conducted by Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC).

“The appointment was given on the basis of the results of the examination and recommendations of the commission,” says a government notification.

Of the total, 277 in administration cadre, 560 in health cadre, 187 in police cadre, 55 in agriculture cadre, 56 in fisheries cadre, 39 in audit and accounting cadre, 42 in ansar cadre, 53 in customs and excise cadre, 35 in taxation cadre, 25 in economic cadre, 10 in food cadre, 15 in family planning cadre, six in postal cadre, seven in cooperatives cadre, five in railway cadre, 15 in information cadre (general & engineering) and two in commerce cadre.

The qualified candidates have been asked to join their respective ministries or departments on June 3 next.

Download 30th BCS Job Appointment Final Result List

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