All Banks, DSE, CSE will remain open in Bangladesh on 31st December 2015

All Banks in Bangladesh will remain open on Thursday, December 31, 2015 as per as per a Bangladesh Bank circular (DFIM Circular Letter No. 10), published on Dec 23.

Bangladesh Bank took this decision to keep banks open on 31st December, 2015 due to closure of Banks on 30th December for Pourasava election around the country. All Banks in Bangladesh will carry normal transactions & yearly closing operation on Dec 31, 2015. This circular from Bangladesh Bank covers all banks, financial institutes & share market. Thus, DSE & CSE will remain open on 31st December, 2015 and all trading and official activities will continue as a regular day. DSE & CSE broker houses will also open on 31/12/2015 and perform regular share trading and other activities.

Similarly, all the clients of Banks & Financial institutes can execute all their regular banking operation, such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer etc.

Bangladesh Bank declared a Bank Holiday on Friday 1st January, 2016, though it’s a regular weekly holiday in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Bank Circular on Bank Opening on 31/12/2015


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