Bangladesh Railway e-Ticket Online – Buy Now

How to purchase Bangladesh Railway e-ticket online?

Below is the steps to follow to buy Bangladesh Railway ticket online:

  1.     Go to or
  2.     Create an account inserting all the information required including username, email address, password, address, phone
  3.     After the page is filled up, a completed account information page will come up
  4.     At the top of that page is “purchase ticket” option. Click that button
  5.     On the “purchase ticket” page, select journey day, arrival station, departure station, train type and class type
  6.     After completion of selection, all the fields will be filled. Then press the search button
  7.     Details of available ticket and price will be shown on screen
  8.     Press the purchase button at the right bottom of the page
  9.     Then select the payment type
  10.     A payment page will pop up. There the card number, security code, card holder’s name and expiry date will have to be inserted.
  11.     Then press the pay now button
  12.     Then the confirm payment page will come up. Please press the confirm payment button
  13.     Then a “reservation complete” page will come up showing all the details
  14.     After all of this is completed, an email on the confirmation of the ticket purchase will be sent to your inbox
  15.     Please collect your ticket from the ticket booth showing the appropriate cell phone number and PIN number

This process will get you a Bangladesh Railway Ticket online.

Enjoy your journey by Bangladesh Railway.

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