BNP Led 18-party calls 72 hours Strike and Blockade from Nov 30 to Dec 3

BNP Led 18-party calls 72 hours Strike and Blockade from Nov 30 to Dec 3

The BNP-led 18-party opposition alliance declared a 72-hour countrywide strike/blockade (Hartal/Oborodh) from Saturday November 30 to Tuesday December 3rd, 2013. They demanded immediate suspension of the Election 2014 schedule until all parties reached a consensus over the polls-time interim government. Ruhul Kabir Rijvi read out the declaration in a press briefing at 9:30pm at the party office in Nayapaltan.


This fresh blockade announcement came right after the meeting of Begum Khaleda Zia and Kazi Zafor Ahmed at the Gulshan office. He expressed his solidarity with BNP led 18-party alliance and demanded continuous & strict political enforcement against the AL government.


Rijvi condemned burning out buses and killing innocent peoples as he blamed secret government  agencies for the recent incidents. He also demands immediate release of BNP & Jamat leader from jail.


The blockade will start from 6am Saturday morning and continue till 6am Tuesday. This could extend till Thursday as per situation on course.


Meanwhile, Shahbag Thana police have filed two cases against 17 BNP leaders including Fakhrul Islam in allegations of arson and murder, at 3:30pm today.

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