Buy Eid Launch Tickets Online Bangladesh –

Eid Launch Tickets can be booked online for travelling on 9 launches of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC). Eid Launch Tickets are available here & for different destinations including Eid Return Launch Tickets.

Passengers can buy Eid Launch Tickets from anywhere anytime using mobile phone, desktop computer & laptop notebook. Payment methods for Eid Launch Tickets are Credit Card (Visa Card, Master Card), Mobile Banking (bKash, MyCash) & DBBL Nexus Card. After buying Eid Launch Tickets online, all printed tickets will be delivered to buyers home.

Eid Launch Tickets are available for the the following 9 Launches –

  • MV Bangali
  • MV Bhola
  • MV Flotilla
  • MV Sampad
  • P.S Lepcha
  • P.S Masud
  • P.S Ostrich
  • P.S Sela
  • P.S Tern

BD Eid Launch Tickets by Mobile Phone

Travellers who wish to travel by Launch before & after Eid, can also book tickets by calling at 16374 from his/her personal mobile phone of any operator 24 hours.

 Buy Eid Launch Tickets Online –


Bangladesh Online Launch Tickets Purchase Policy from

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