Download 33rd BCS Examination 2012 Application Form –

Download 33rd BCS Examination 2012 Application Form –

Download 33rd BCS Examination 2012 Application Form


33rd BCS Examination 2012 - Bangladesh Public Service Commission

Applicants for the 33rd BCS Exam in Bangladesh can fill out online BCS application form and submit fees from March 8 to April 7, 2012.
The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC) has confirmed that the 33rd BCS Exam application form wll be available on associate organisation Teletalk’s website (

If the PCS website is fixed in the meantime, the 33rd BCS Exam form will also be made available at

The 33rd BCS Exam 2012 aims at filling up 4,206 vacant government posts. This time, under the general category, 300 will be recruited for BCS (administration), 89 for police, 69 for tax, 16 for foreign affairs and 566 for general cadres.

The government eyes recruitment of 2,905 under professional/technical cadres including 2,572 doctors through 33rd BCS Bangladesh 2012.

Apart from these, 607 people will be appointed as teachers under BCS (education) and 112 for the teachers’ training college by 33rd BCS Exam 2012 Bangladesh.

Meanwhile,  this is confirmed by Bangladesh Public Service Commission that 33rd BCS Exam Applications for cadre service jobs have to be submitted through online. 33rd BCS Exam admit cards can also be collected online. This upgradation of online application system in the all future BCS Exams has been appreciated by all levels, as it will low down immense sufferings of the job aspirants.
To made this project successful, PCS has already signed a contract with public-sector mobile phone operator Teletalk.

 Download 33th BCS Exam Online Application Advertisement (PDF) – Published on Feb 29, 2012


33rd BCS Exam 2012 Online Application Regulations Ad Feb-29-2012 PDF File

Things you should know about 33rd BCS Exam Online Application Form:

  • 33rd BCS Examination 2012 Application Form will be available online from March 8 to April 7, 2012.
  • 33rd BCS Exam 2012 Application form can be filled up through both the PSC and Teletalk website.
  • Detailed instructions will be provided online for filling up various parts of the 33rd BCS Exam forms.
  • 33rd BCS Exam Applicant’s copy will be seen and each applicant given an invoice number on filling up and submitting the form.
  • The 33rd BCS Exam applicant can pay the exam fee through Teletalk mobile phone using the invoice number.
  • Once the fee is paid, the aspirant will get a registration number for 33rd BCS Exam 2012.
  • Then the applicant can download admit card using the invoice and registration numbers for 33rd BCS Exam 2012.
  • If anyone loses the admit card, it can be downloaded again using the invoice & registration number of 33rd BCS Exam 2012 .
  • Color photos of the 33rd BCS examinees would be affixed to the attendance book apart from the admit cards. 








Published Preliminary Circular for 33rd BCS Exam 2012

  • Download Preliminary circular for 33rd BCS Examination 2012 as PDF file (2.5 MB)

Download Preliminary Circular for 33rd BCS Exam 2012 Bangladesh

Download Preliminary Circular for 33rd BCS Exam 2012 Bangladesh


  • Download Preliminary Circular for 33rd BCS Exam 2012 in Microsoft WORD file (7.9 MB)

Download Preliminary Circular for 33rd BCS Exam 2012 in Microsoft WORD file

Download Preliminary Circular for 33rd BCS Exam 2012 in Microsoft WORD file


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