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Eid Ittadi 2015 is a popular TV magazine show in Bangladesh created and presented by Hanif Sanket that have been aired on Bangladesh Television (BTV) on the day after Eid ul Fitr 2015, 19th July, 2015 at 10:30pm. Due to popularity everyone wants to watch Eid Ittadi 2015 over & over. Viewers can Download Eid Ittadi 2015 from the below link to watch the HD version directly from your computer or laptop or mobile.

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Ittadi is one of the longest running TV shows on Bangladeshi television (BTV) for the last 25 years. Regular segments of the show include Nana-Naati, a foreign filmstrip dubbed in Bangla, a mail section, an audience round, live music, dance, and plays. Ittadi also helps to promote Bengali Culture among the young generations in age of cultural diversity due to globalization. It also brings many intellectual persons in music, drama or education into light.

Hanif Sanket is the host of Ittadi, the most popular TV show in the country. Ittadi is a satire not a comedy show. Ittadi focuses on the satirical part. As most people demand entertainment, Ittadi expresses the truth in an entertaining way, thus it engrained in people’s mind by playing a massive role in making people aware of the problems and their solutions.

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