HSC Admission Result 2015 Updated –

After repeated delays due to technical fault, finally HSC Admission Result 2015 has been available online since 12:30am Midnight of June 29, 2015. Education Secretary Nazrul Islam Khan inaugurated the 1st Merit List of HSC Admission Result 2015 after more than 72 hours of delay.

1st Merit List of HSC Admission Result 2015 has included 10,93,374 students along with their merit, group, version & choice of colleges.

HSC Admission Result 2015 has been published on 12:30am midnight June 29, 2015 and the result is available here & also on . Students can also get HSC Admission Result 2015 by SMS. Students who don’t have access to Online or SMS, can also get the 1st Merit List from each Education Board office.

Education secretary Md. Nazrul Islam said after a meeting at the secretariet today morning that the HSC admission result 2015 with merit list must be out online by today. And HSC 2015 classes will start on Thursday, 1st July, 2015 as per earlier schedule. Total 11.5 lac students applied online for this years HSC Admission 2015.


HSC Admission Result 2015 – Important Notes

  1. 1st Merit List of HSC Admission result 2015 will be based on education merit, personal college choices & available seats in those colleges.
  2. Students of 1st Merit List can get admitted by next Thursday, 2nd July, 2015 without any late fee. This admission process will take place solely by each college with submission of proper admission fee & other college fees within due time. Every college should immediately update each student admission online to reflect number of total admitted students as per group/shift/version and also number of empty seats. With submission of late fee, students can get admission by 8th July, 2015.
  3. If a student want to migrate his/her college, he/she must admit to the nominated college first. Then he/she should apply for a college from his upper choice.
  4. After the admission completion of 1st Merit List, the 2nd Merit List will be published on 6th July, 2015 from all non-selected students and students who have applied for college change. Non-selected students mean, those who didn’t passed HSC Admission 2015, thus didn’t got a place in the 1st Merit List.
  5. Schedule of College admission process for 2nd merit list students will end on 10th July, 2015.
  6. After completion of 1st & 2nd merit list admission, available seats at colleges can be seen online as per group/shift/version.
  7. If a selected student of 1st or 2nd Merit List did not complete his/her admission process by due date, he/she will be categorized as Release-Sliper. They will get another chance to apply for HSC Admission, date will be finalized soon.
  8. Release-sliper students admission result will be published on mid July before Eid ul Fitr 2015.
  9. Students who never applied for HSC admission 2015 over online or by SMS, will get a chance to apply online by checking available college seats.
  10. Each college can download their respective HSC Admission Result 2015 from online using their password.

HSC Admission Result 2015 –

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