HSC Exam 2015 Online Form Fill-up eFF Updated Notice

Dhaka Education Board has revised HSC Exam 2015 Online Form Fill-up eFF date. As per newly declared date, HSC 2015 students can fill-up eFF form upto 7th January, 2015. And with 100 Tk delay fee, students can fillup eFF till 12th January 2015. All fees should be submitted using Sonali Sheba of Sonali Bank.

Important for HSC Exam 2015 students:

  • Submit 1 copy of Sonali Bank Pay Slip to Boards Accounts Dept (ঢাকা বোর্ড হিসাব আয় শাখা).
  • Print the Final Form and signature clearly. Them submit the form along with 1 copy pay slip to HSC Exam Branch (উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক পরীক্ষা শাখা)
  • Last date of submission: 8th January 2015 (without late fee) and with late fee 13th January 2015.

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