Meenabazar Launches first Retail eCommerce Website in Bangladesh –

Meenabazar Launches first Retail eCommerce Website in Bangladesh –

Meenabazar Launches eCommerce

Meenabazar Launches eCommerce

Dhaka, April 1, 2012:  Meenabazar, one of the largest retail supermarket chain in Bangladesh, today launched the first retail eCommerce website in Bangladesh.  Site is available at . In a quick press conference at Meenabazar corporate office in Dhanmondi, honarable CEO of Meenabazar Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed launched the eCommerce site infront of various print media and TV channels. COO of Meenabazar Shaheen Khan and other departmental heads of Gemcon Group and Meena Bazar were also present at the time.

“Meena Bazar is always trying to reach closer to its customers with top quality products and service since launched in 2002. Today MeenaBazar is adding an online presence to provide easiest and convenient way to purchase products,” said Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed.

For online purchase, customers can use credit cards such as Master, Visa or American Express card. So anyone can buy from anywhere in the world to deliver the products to his/her family, friends or relatives living in Bangladesh. Though Meena Bazar officials confirmed that two more payment methods will be implemented soon, one is ‘Cash on Delivery’ and another is ‘bKash’, a mobile payment system.

Along with eCommerce, Meena Bazar also introduced Club Card feature. Customers can buy Gold or Silver card to collect points through purchase. Depending on the available points, a customer can redeem the points for attractive gifts at any Meenabazar outlet. Moreover Meenabazar Culb Card holders will get special discount on different occasions throughout the year.

With E-Commerce now active on Meena Bazar official website, one can buy and shop online with the same trust and quality that the brand offers in its 14 retail stores in Bangladesh, 12 stores are located in Dhaka and 1 each in Chittagong and Khulna. Meena Bazar is widely focused to open more stores in Dhaka and other divisional capitals in the coming days.

Making E-Commerce active is yet another initiative taken by Meena Bazar to reach out to its customers. Alongside expansion in exclusive brand outlets, the Meenabazar brand has now made online retail active on its website to be able to tap online markets where it is currently not present.

Video- Meena Bazar eCommerce Website Launching Programme ‘Meet the Press’

The increasing number of people having access to the internet has led Meena Bazar to go online which will add great value to the growth in the e-commerce industry of Bangladesh. To make shopping easy and more convenient, and to target the tech-savvy customers, Meenabazar has now officialy launched its E-Commerce on its website. Keeping in mind the present scenario of the country, E-commerce holds a lot of potential and scope in Bangladesh.

Screenshot of Meena Bazar E-Commerce Website


Meenabazar eCommerce Site - A fresh & attractive feel & design

Meenabazar eCommerce Site - A fresh & attractive feel & design

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