How to Use Free Wi-Fi Internet at Bangladesh Railway Stations

Bangladesh Railway launches free Wi-Fi internet for passengers at stations. Follow the steps below to connect to free Wi-Fi internet –

How to connect & use free Wi-Fi Internet by Bangladesh Railway

  1. Go to your mobile Wireless settings.
  2. Find “QUBEE_Zone” wi-fi name.
  3. Connect to “QUBEE_Zone” and you will get a new page.
  4. Enter your mobile number & submit.
  5. You will get a password in your mobile SMS.
  6. User your mobile number as User Name & Password to Login.
  7. Now you can use free wi-fi internet by Bangladesh Railway.
Bangladesh Railway Free Wi-Fi Internet

Free Wi-Fi Internet by Bangladesh Railway


Bangladesh Railway will soon extend the free Wi-Fi coverage to all major railway stations. At Kamalapur Railway station, passengers can will get free Wi-Fi coverage at Lobby & Platform No. 1, 2, 3, 4 upto pillar#14.

Bangladesh Railway have plans to provide Wi-Fi facility at all major stations throughout the country and in selected trains in a phase-wise manner and later on will focus on smaller category stations.

Presently, provision of Wi-Fi facility at major category stations is in progress. Provision of Wi-Fi internet facility in moving trains involves bandwidth from Telco and modification in power cars to house satellite antenna and associated equipment. It will take 18-24 months for completion, subject to availability of funds from Bangladesh Government.


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