Buy Cheapest Price $20 Philips LED Light Bulb 20-year Lifespan: Lowest Rate $40 Discount offer and Best Deals Online

Buy Cheapest Price $20 Philips LED Light Bulb 20-year Lifespan: Lowest Rate $40 Discount offer and Best Deals Online

Philips LED Light Bulb consumes 10-watts of power and 20-years lifespan

Philips’ LED light bulb is finally available in the market from this Sunday, April 22, 2012. The Philips LED light bulb boasts a staggering lifespan of 20 years and burns only 10 watts of power. Originally, the bulb was priced at $60, however, the competition stipulated that the overall price would have to hit $20 within its first year of availability before the $10 million prize could be redeemed. Philips has already discounted the bulb to $50 and is currently working with utility companies to offer rebates of anywhere between $20 and $30. In most cases, retailers will apply the rebates automatically and reduce the sale price, though prices will vary by outlet. So, don’t delay! Buy the Philips’ LED light bulb in cheapest price, lowest rate with big discounts and great deals online.

Over a 10-year span, using traditional bulbs would cost $228 (for bulbs and energy). Screw in a Phillips LED light bulb, though, and you’d pay a total of just $83 for energy and the bulb—a bulb that, mind you, would be less than halfway through its projected lifespan.

Philips LED Light Bulb Glows White when illuminated


The math is even more in favor of the Phillips LED Light bulb when you factor in the incentives and deals the manufacturer is negotiating with utilities, which are expected to bring the price down as cheap as $20 or $30. So buy cheap rate Philips LED Light Bulb from a retailer near you.

Energy-efficient, dimmable Philips LED Light bulb—the first recipient of the L Prize

Philips Award Winning LED Bulb is the efficient alternative to a standard 60 watt incandescent A19 bulb with 940 lumens. The unique bulb design provides omni-directional light with only 10 watts of power.

Philips LED Light bulb Features & Benefits

High efficacy LED accent light

• First 60W incandescent equivalent A19 LED bulb to win the L Prize from the U.S. Department of Energy

• Superior color rendering with 92 CRI

• Smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels

• 30,000 hour rated average life

• Instant-on light

• Emits virtually no UV/IR light in the beam

• Contains no mercury

• Remote phosphor (yellow) disappears when energized to provide soft, even light

Easy to experience

• Assembled in USA
• Offers omni-directional light for ambient illumination
• Energy saving and long life properties—saves 50W compared to a standard 60W incandescent and lasts 30 times longer
• 3-year limited warranty

Philips LED Light bulb: Electrical and Technical Data

Rated Color
Product Ordering Nominal Bulb Avg. Life Approx. Temp. MOL
Number Code Description Watts    Volts Type    Base (Hours)1 Lumens2 CRI     (Kelvin) (Inches)
42022-4 10A19/LPRIZE-PRO/2700DIM 6/1 10W A19 LED-Winner of the LPrize® 10W 120 A19 Medium 30,000 940 92 2700 4.1


Energy Efficiency

Estimated Lighting Costs Using a Standard 60W 800 Lumen Incandescent A-shape

Present Wattage  


x Annual Operating Hours   3,000 hrs
  = 180,000 watt-hours

÷1,000                                                  =               180    kWh per year

x kWh rate of $0.11                         =           $19.80    per year

x 100 bulbs per space                      =           $1,980    annual energy cost per space


Estimated Lighting Costs Using a 10W Award Winning LED Bulb

Present Wattage                                                 10    W

x Annual Operating Hours                              3,000    hrs

=          30,000    watt-hours

÷1,000                                                      =          30    kWh per year

x kWh rate of $0.11                             =            $3.30    per year

x 100 bulbs per space                      =             $330    annual energy cost per space


This energy saving example shows an application of 100 bulbs in a space currently using 100 incandescent 60W, 800 lumen A-shape bulbs, operating 3,000 hours per year at a cost of $0.11 per kWh.† Your actual savings may vary depending on the energy costs in your geographic location. Replacing 100 standard incandescent 60W 800 lumen A-shape bulbs with the 10W Award Winning LED Bulb can provide significant energy cost savings of $1,650 per year! Potential savings from the reduction in HVAC costs as a result of using a lower wattage bulb that emits less heat is an additional benefit not included in this example.


• Suitable for damp locations.

• Not for use in totally enclosed luminaires.

• This device is not intended for use with emergency

exit fixtures or emergency lights.

• Before replacing, turn off power and let bulb cool to

avoid electrical shock or burn.


Comparison of LED Bulb vs CFL Fluorescent Bulb vs Halogen Incandescent vs Traditional Incandescent Bulb

Comparison of LED Bulb vs CFL Bulb vs Halogen Incandescent vs Traditional Incandescent Bulb

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