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New Years Eve 2012: 10 Things To Do in Your City

New Years Eve 2012: 10 Things To Do in Your City

New Years Eve 2012

New Years Eve 2012

Say good-bye to 2011. Time is coming close to count down from 10 and ring in the new years eve 2012. You may have already draw a plan for your new year personal events, but now we can make your plan easy & fun with top 10 things to do on new years eve 2012. Some people want to enjoy the eve with bang and some people love to pass it quietly. But, it doesn’t matter as long as your plans make you happy. Here is a great 10 things to-do list for this new years eve 2012.

  1. Review Year 2011 & Set your personal goals for 2012

  2. Host a New Year’s Day Brunch or Open House

  3. Go to Theater for a New Years Eve 2012 Movie Special

  4. Go Shopping for New Years Eve 2012 Sale

  5. Go out with family or friends

  6. Stay home with loved ones

  7. Cook some special New Years Eve 2012 recipe

  8. Buy or Prepare Gifts, Cards & Flowers for your special one

  9. Visit City Center to Watch New Years Eve 2012 Fireworks

  10. Finally, take down the Christmas Tree & clean up your home

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