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Valentine’s Day 2012: Top 10 ideas for Marriage Proposals

Valentine’s Day 2012: Top 10 Marriage Proposal ideas

Valentines Day 2012 Marriage Proposal Ideas

Valentines Day 2012 Marriage Proposal Ideas

You couldn’t ask for a better day to pop the question. Here are top 10 Valentines Day 2012 ideas to sweep your sweetie off her (or his!) feet and inspire your inner romantic.

1. Be Sweet

Using classic candy conversation hearts, make a trail of the edible endearments from your front door to the living room couch, kitchen table, or bedroom where a big paper candy heart with the words “Marry Me” awaits.

2. Count Down

For the fourteen days leading up to Valentine’s Day, give your honey a creative heart-inspired gift every day. For example, pearl-inlaid chopsticks wrapped in a dainty heart-shaped doily to commemorate your first date (which happened to be at a Chinese restaurant), a box of Red Hots candies, or a pair of heart-printed socks or undies. On the big night, cook a special dinner and then pop the question.


3. Say It In Snow

Find a location with an expanse of unmarred snowy ground (a field, park, or picnic area is ideal). Walk the outline of a big heart, and then add your initials to the center. Pack a thermos of hot cocoa — spiked with peppermint schnapps, perhaps — then take your sweetie on a walk or hike. When you “stumble” upon your artwork, stop, drop, and pop (the question, of course)!


4. Shower Them With Love

Buy a box of little Valentine cards like the ones you sheepishly handed around in third grade, and write one reason why you love your sweetie or a favorite shared memory on each one. Plant them everywhere — in a coat pocket, Palm Pilot case, in the refrigerator, behind the windshield wiper, and anywhere else you can think of. On the day itself, present the last and biggest card — and your proposal.


5. Turn Out the Lights

Chilly February is a good month to snuggle and coo under the covers. Let your proposal light up the room after you’ve kissed goodnight by spelling it out on a Lite Brite board or on your bedroom ceiling with letters cut from glow-in-the-dark paper (available at craft stores). Surround the letters with lots of stars, so that when you turn off the lights, it looks like a clear and starry night — surrounding a constellation proposal! Put the ring in a box or card under the pillow, as if the love fairy left it there.


6. Say It With Flowers

You know the drill: Roses. Lots of them. Everywhere. In the bathtub, on the bed, in your sweetie’s slippers, in the car. Buy her rose-colored silk lingerie and rose-scented massage oil. Give him one rose for each month you’ve been together.


7. Sing a Song

Write a love song ending with your proposal and upload it onto a site like, where you can even include a picture of you two as your “album cover.” Send your beloved the URL at work or home with a note that says, “I think this song says it all.” If you send it to the office, send it late in the day so that when the call comes, you can leave work immediately and whisk him or her off to a romantic dinner. Afterward, friends and family can hear your ditty, too.


8. Charm Her

Make her a charm bracelet filled with charms that represent wonderful memories and turning points in your relationship. Or, buy only hearts and inscribe each. The last one could be a miniature locket that opens to say, “Marry Me.”


9. Wax Poetic

What could be more romantic than a sonnet or poem dedicated to your beloved? Don’t worry if it’s more “Roses are red, violets are blue” than Shakespeare. Take the time to include memories, epiphanies, inside jokes and, oh yeah, a few rhyming words. The more you pour into it, the more your lucky lover will treasure it forever.


10. Get a Lift

Hop a two-seater ski lift and propose as you sail over snow-capped trees and a winter wonderland as far as the eye can see. Plan the weekend with friends and have them ride in the seat in front of you so they can snap pictures along the way, or have them wait at the top with champagne to surprise your new fiance. Be sure to ride the lift down again if you imbibe some bubbly — or your knees are too wobbly with excitement!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day 2012.

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