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Fancy pigeons are usually  named for their unique coloring that creates a rather fancy and demure look about them.

fancy pigeonFancy pigeons are usually  named for their unique coloring that creates a rather fancy and demure look about them. They appear almost regal in colouring and are sought after for their special unique coloring. The more unique the coloring, the more valuable the fancy pigeon becomes. While they are most often recognized by the more traditional black heads and white bodies, many new and non traditional colors have emerged through selective breeding practices.

The majority of fancy pigeon enthusiasts enter their birds in shows and competitions. However, more and more pigeon fanciers are starting to develop a “pet” line for these pigeons, in which case the birds are brought in to be nothing more than members of the family.

1211362221With more than 300 different breeds of the traditional fancy pigeon you can find almost any coloring and feathering style that you prefer. Everything from the fanning of the tail to complete one colour pigeons are available through breeders and each marking and feathering style makes the fancy pigeon breeds remarkably beautiful birds.

Breeds such as the Pouter or Cropper or bred for their unique ability to puff their head feathers, or crops, to create an entirely different form of bird. These little guys can end up looking like they are all head with little bodies when they are inflated. Breeds like the exhibition tumbler pigeons were once known for their flying ability and prowess in the air. However, the breeding practices have created a simple ornamental bird over time.

All breeds of fancy pigeons have been developed for specific purposes. Over time, their breeding has changed their purpose, and many are now show birds. However, each type of fancy pigeon offers something special and different for the avid pigeon enthusiast.


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History of Valentine’s Day: Know the Unknown


History of Valentine’s Day


History of Valentines Day

Originally in history of Valentine’s Day the word Valentine meant the person whose name was picked from a box to be chosen as your sweetheart up until the 1500’s.  Then around 1533, it meant the folded piece of paper with the sweetheart’s name on it.  By 1610 it then became the gift given to this special someone and by 1824 it then became a poem, letter or verse to a sweetheart.

Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year, it originates from the Roman celebration called Lupercalia, which was held on February 15, a fertility festival as per history of Valentine’s Day.

Roman armies invaded countries physically as well as socially.  When the Romans invaded France, they introduced this festival in which Roman boys drew names of Roman girls out of an urn (to determine their partners) and then the
couple exchanged gifts on the festival’s day.  This was considered a pagan celebration, so in 469 C.E., Pope Gelasius decided to put a Christian spin on this celebration by declaring that it was now to honor St. Valentine (A young Roman who was martyred by Emperor Claudius II who was said to have died on February 14, 270 C.E. for refusing to give up Christianity).   

History of Valentine’s Day Question-1

Why was he killed?  Rumor has it that St. Valentine was a priest who defied the emperor’s ban on marriages by marrying young people in secret.  He was discovered, and put to death.

History of Valentine’s Day Question-2

Why was marriage banned?
According to history of Valentine’s Day, the legend in the 3rd century after Christ,  the Emperor  Claudius II did not want any of his soldiers falling in love and marrying because he felt women and families distracted the soldier’s from their duty to him. And in some cases made the men not want to go to war at all. And he needed more soldiers so he declared marriage illegal. And anyone
performing this ceremony would be killed.

Another story in the history of Valentine’s Day goes like this…A man named Valentine (who was in prison for helping persecuted Christians) witnessed to his jailor and ended up converting his entire family to Christianity. The jailor also had a blind daughter, Julia, that Valentine ended up falling in love with (as well as restoring her sight).  But love did not prevail. :(  On the morning of Valentine’s execution, he sent a message to the daughter signed, “From your Valentine.”

Italy also had another Spring festival during the Middle Ages (un-named btw) in which young singles gathered in the gardens to listen to love poetry and romantic music.  Afterward they paired off and strolled through the trees and flowers etc.   In France this pairing-off custom went on for a while, but it ended up causing a lot of jealousies and became more trouble than it was worth and was dropped.  But in England the custom of young men drawing names for “Valentines” or sweethearts remained for centuries even after the Roman occupation ended. The young men in England would write down all the names of the young women on pieces of paper and then roll them up tightly and put them in a bowl.  The young men (blindfolded) would take turns drawn a name from the bowl.  The girl’s name that he drew meant that she would be his “valentine” for the next year.  I might add: Wouldn’t a guy’s handwriting give away who wrote whose name on this paper? 😉  So I wondered how many guys actually drew the name of the girl they submitted? (wink!)

Another variation on this festival goes like this:  Two Roman youths (who were blessed by their priest) would run through the streets swinging a goatskin thong called a Februa. The Latin word is Februatio, (the act of lashing with sacred thongs) and was believed to be for purification.  From this word comes our word “February”. And the belief is that if a woman was touched by this thong, she would be able to bear children better.  Thus again, we go back to a similarity with fertility?

According to the legend, they did this to honor their God Faunus, the god of crops. (Similar to the Greek God, Pan.)

February might not be considered Spring for many of us today, especially in certain areas of the US where there is still snow on the ground.  But for the Romans this Lupercalia on the 14 and the Valentine’s Day on the 15th got blended into one day (on the 14th because I assume the young men and women couldn’t wait any longer to get together?) and occurred 7 weeks after the Winter Soltice, marking  the progression from Winter into Spring.   In the Middle Ages it was felt that birds chose their mates on February 14. So February 14th has been considered the official mating day for centuries.

Another theory about history of Valentine’s Day doesn’t begin with the Romans but with Norse.  The Normans had a St. Galantin, which meant “lover of women.”  Now the “G” is not pronounced like a “Gah” in the English language.  It is pronounced like a “V” and so the word is like “Valantin” in sound.  And so they believe that their St. Galantin’s Day is part of the confusion over St. Valentine’s Day today.

And yet the French want to say that the word Valentine comes from their word “galantine” which means a lover or gallant.

But the Roman Catholic Church did their best to try to ban this pagan fertility/mating festival.  However, it remained popular in the hearts of the people and so they finally decided that it was hopeless to get rid of it.  Thus they decided to redefine it as a Christian Saint Day of St. Valentine as I mentioned above.  And so in 1660 Charles II officially restored Valentine’s Day into England’s society.  And it is due to this that Great Britain is the country who is given credit for starting the printing of greeting cards, especially those expressing love, admiration, infatuation and other emotions.

St. Valentine’s Day did not come to America until 1629 with the Puritans and even here went against some of the church elders.  But love prevails, whether openly or publically and the church could not hold back love and passion even in the New World.  About 100 years passed before the first Valentine Cards appeared in the United States.  

Margery Brews (England) wrote the oldest known valentine in letter form dated 1477, sent to John Paston.  For Valentine once meant “sweetheart” it grew to represent “message of love.”

On 2-14-1667, Samuel Pepys in his diary described a kind of valentine that he got from his wife.  It was  a sheet of blue paper in which her name was written in gold letters. This became the forerunner of later valentines. But the custom didn’t grow quickly.  It took 100 years before it was common to leave a valentine love letter at the doorstep of your sweetheart.

As I said above, although the Catholic church was not thrilled with Valentines perse, the custom slowly began to grow also in Catholic countries. Surprisingly, the Valentines were made by the nuns, appearing really lacy and decorated with
hand-painted flowers with the center not cupid but often a saint or a sacred religious-styled heart.

Germany is credited with providing the expensive paper and elaborate borders to Valentines in the 18th century.  But they were not given on Valentines, but more often on New Year’s Day or on a person’s birthday.  So the fancy German paper was imported to England and they  used it for Valentines.  But this paper was expensive and soon the English began to make it themselves.

In the history of Valentine’s Day,Valentines did not always appear as hearts as we know them today.  Most were known as “paper pockets” and were more like envelopes and folded over. And mailing was exepensive too.  A folded and sealed with wax.

So, how does Cupid, Hearts, Arrows, etc. all fit in?

Valentine Symbols


Cupid is the Roman God of Love and the most popular symbol for Valentne’s Day. Originally he was shown as a young man with a bow and arrows.  But over the years, Cupid went from a handsome man to a pudgey baby?  The reason is that the Romans had Cupid as the son of Venus (Goddess of Love and Beauty) and a symbol for passion, playful and tender love.  His arrows were invisible and his victims (which could also include other Gods btw as well as humans) would not be aware that they were shot until they fell in love.  But, the Victorian era want to help make Valentine’s Day more proper for women and children.  So they tossed out this handsome Roman Adonis guy and made cupid more of a chubby baby. In other words, it’s all on how you want to spin the story from PG-rated to R-Rated!

The colors of Valentine’s Day are Pink, Red and White for most cards and decorations, but is also on other Valentine commerical items like clothing, stuffed animals, candles, etc.

Red symbolizes warmth and feeling. It is associated with the color of the human heart.

White is a symbol of purity. (In some cases also of Faith and so it means the faith of the love two people have for each other.)

And so Pink (combination of Red + White) is then a symbol as I understand if of innocents or virginity in some cases.

Hearts and Arrows

A heart (red or pink) with an arrow piercing through it is the most common shape and look for a Valentines, and even candles, candies, cookies, cakes, figurines, stuffed images, etc.  The heart is a symbol both of love and also vulnerability.

When you send someone a Valentine, you take a risk of being rejected and your feelings hurt.  So a piercing arrow is a symbol of death and the vulnerability of love.  On the other hand, the heart and arrow also symbolize the merging of the male and female as one.

In the 12th century, physicians believed that the heart was the seat of love and affection in the human body. But the actual biologicial shape of the human heart does not look like the heart as we see it today. Why?  Well, some people are guessing (and it is funny!) that the Valentine heart-shape as we know it today was done by a doodler to represent the human female buttocks or a female torso with well-endowed breasts or the imprint of lips (wearing lipstick) made upon a piece of paper.  Once again, it’s all on how you want to spin the story! :)

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve?

This expression comes from  early 1800’s where young American and British men wore slips of paper pinned to their sleeves  with their girlfriend’s name written on.  They did this for several days (why and when I have no clue) and so it started the expression “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve.”

Today the American Heart Association in the US has a “Save a Sweet Heart” anti-smoking campaign during Valentine’s Week to help educate school kids against smoking.


As I mentioned above, it was believed that birds chose their mates on February 14.  And so the dove was chosen to be the bird representative because it was sacred to the Roman Goddess Venus because it chose a lifelong mate.  They also make a cooing sound, which further proved they were the love couple. The dove was also a sacred bird to the Goddess, Venus (and other Love Deities).  And Noah had considered the dove to be his messanger. In the Song of Solomon, the word “Turtle” is really referring to the “turtledove.” The turtledove is common in Asia and Europe, but it is not found in N. America at all. Since all doves are part of the pigeon family, they mate for life, and the male and female both share in the caring of their young.  Their bcooing sounds are often considered “love sounds” and today it is often said that when people in love talk rather sugary and baby-like it is “cooing” with each other. 

Dove superstitions are that they were magical and were often used to divine the future.  The heart of a dove was often an ingredient in love potions.  If you saw a white dove fly overhead it was suppose to be good luck. If you dreamt of a dove it was a sign that you had a promise of happiness. And, if you saw the first dove in Springtime, made a wish, that wish would come true (much like wishing upon a falling star.)

But during the years, love birds have changed from Doves to hummingbirds to birds of paradises.  Today, love birds depcited on Valentines are tiny parrots brilliant in color because genetically they really are in the parrot family. They often act like young lovers also. How? They are known for living in pairs and keeping to themselves, much like young lovers want their privacy today. As pets they are considered loveable, easy to tame and respond to affection.  Some can even be taught to speak.

The bad side of lovebirds is that they can carry a disease harmful to humans. And so, there are strict rules regarding importing them into the United States.

Valentine Cards

The custom of exchanging love notes goes back to the Roman  Lupercalia festival with the names being drawn.  But the British were the ones who popularized sending your feelings to someone via a printed card.  The first Valentine card was created by Chrles, Duke of Orleans, imprisoned in the tower of London for several years following the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.  he sent Valentine poems to his wife in France from his jail cell.  Commercial Valentines didn’t apepar until 1800 (In England) and although handmade cards had been around for years.  Inthe 19th century a new kind of Valentine emerged called “penny dreadfuls” that were insulting and cruel rather than loving and flattering.  They were mostly sent anonymously too.

In America, hand-made Valentines appeared around 1740 and were sealed with red wax and left secretly on a lover’s doorstep (or sent in the mail).  Commercial cards for the most part took over around 1880’s. But people still (and will always) make homemade ones too.  Some included trinkets, some locks of hair and in some cases there were checks that were drawn against “The Bank of Love” and valentines printed to look like money. One was so realistic to a 5 pound note it was quickly recalled!

Valentine verses were romantic, whimsical and critical. As I mentioned above, postage was expensive.  And during the English Victorian times the custom was that the recipient paid for the mail they got (not the sender as we do it today). So you can imagine what a double insult it was to pay for a Valentine only to open it up and discover it is critical aka “Vinegar Valentine.”

Walter Crane and Kate Greenaway were famous children’s book illustrators of their time. At the age of 22, Kate sold her first Valentine design for $15.  Within weeks, over 25,000 copies were sold.  For a few years after, she kept designing Valentines, but was never paid a penny more.  Today, Kate Greenaway Valentine’s are considered collectable items, as well as those designed by Walter Crane.

When Valentine Cards got to America, they also got more creative. The first known to come to the US is a note written by John Winthrop in 1629 to his wife before leaving England for the New World.  It ended with “My sweet wife, Thou must be my valentine for none hat challenged me.”  He later became governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Valentines were not only done in delicate pen and ink, but also watercolor and the handwriting also became a thing of beauty for the card as well, as good penmanship was considered a form of art, as well as the quality of a person.

Acrostic Valentines – had verses in which the first letter of the lines spelled out the loved one’s name.

Example of the name Amanda.

A– Another moment without you is

M-more pain than I can bear.

A-And no other love will ever be

N– nearer to my heart than yours.

D– Days pass slowly until we shall meet

A-again and our lives forever share. 

Cutout Valentines (which most children do in school today also) were simply made by folding paper several times and then cutting out small areas to make lacelike designs.

Pinprick Valentines were made by pricking tiny paper holes with a pin or needled into the paper into a lovely design.

Theorem or Poonah Valentines had designs that were painted through a stencil cut in oil paper (style originated in the Orient) with a coat of gum arabic to keep the paint from running.

Rebus Valentines had verses in which tiny pictures took the place of some of the words.

Puzzle Valentines – Had a puzzle to read and refold, in which scattered among their many folds were verses that had to be read in a certain order.  I remember making these in school in which they ended up like a pyramid in which you put your your index finger and thumb of both hands on both sides and moved the puzzle valentine North to South and East To West chanting some silly rhyme until you stopped and could chose a flap to open and read.

Fraktur Valentines – had ornamental lettering in the stle of illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages. 

But, Valentines did not always come via paper and lace. Many sailors would return from their voyages bringing silk scarves (or other items) to their wives or girlfriends that had designs of hearts, flowers and other romantic images or words.  And, in return many of the wives or girlfriends of those sailors (before they took off to sea) made them stronger bundles decorated with loving images and thoughts (and filled with items) to take with them on their voyages to think of them.

And during the Civil War some of the Valentines were more like paper dolls that were actually dressed with cloth (or paper) to try to resemble the person sending it.

And during the Roaring Twenties, some valentines were actually shaped like tomatoes.  At that time, tomatoes only grew in flower gardens and were considered “love apples.”  (Kinda makes you wonder what they considered ketchup to be then!)


Flowers were considered love tokens before there even was a St. Valentines.  The Roman God, Bacchus (God of Wine and Joy) and Venus (Goddes of Love and Beauty) both considered the beauty and fragrance of flowers to be tied with romance and love.  But since the time of Solomon, the primary flower linked to romance was always the rose.  Cleopatra of Egypt covered the floor with roses before receiving Mark Anthony.

A Roman myth is that Cupid was carrying a vase of sweet nectar to the gods on Mt. Olympus and spilled it on the ground.  From that spot of spilled nectar, roses grew! But if roses are so symbolic of romance and love, then why the thorns?  Well, another story goes like this:

The soft west wind named Sephyr one day opened a lovely rose and Cupid bent over to kiss the elegant petals.  When he did, he ws stung by an irate bee hiding inside.  Venus got so angry she told Cupid to shoot some bees and string them up on one of his arrows.  She then planted this string of dead bees on the rose stems, and the stings became the rose’s thorns and ever since roses had thorns.

The ancient Romans also believed that anything discussed under a rose (I mean how low can you go to talk?) was considered sub rosa and to be kept secret.  Today the Latin term is still used today to express something that is to be kept confidential.

Another Roman theory is that the Rose reminded the Roman Catholic Church of watching Christians devoured by lions. Later on, the Virgin Mary was called “The Rose of Heaven.”  

Daisies, Violets and Bachelor Buttons

There are a few other flowers considered to be romantic also.

The Romans believed that the daisy was once a wood nymph.  One day, while dancing in a field she was seen by Vertumnus, the God of Spring (who fell in love with her of course).  But when he reached for her she got frightened.
So, out of pity the other gods let her sink into the earth and she became a daisy.

I do not know how the game of holding a daisy and plucking off it’s petals saying “He loves me” or “He loves me not” got started.

As far as Violets go….one day it is said that Venus got jealous of a group of beautiful maidens.  And when Cpid refused to say that his mother’s beauty was better than theirs, Venus go furious, so she beat her rivals (these maidens) until they were blue and she watched them shrink into violets.

In the Science of Botany, the cornflower is known as Kyanus, named after a Greek youth who was born in a field one day, making garlands of the blue blossoms for the altar of Flora, Goddess of Flowers.  He died, unfortnately, leaving some of the garlands undone and so this touched Flora’s heart and so in his honor she named the flowers after him.

Say It With Flowers…

This is most commonly known as FTD’s slogan today.

But what to say and with what flower?

Here are some traditional meanings for some other flowers often sent for Valentine’s Day or other touching moments:

Bleeding Heart = Hopeless, but not heartless.

Gardenia = I love you secretly.

Gladiolus = You pierce my heart.

Lily-of-the-Valley= Let us make up.

Rose – I love you passionately.

Sweet William = You are gallant, suave and perfect.

Violet = I return your love.

Green leaves represented hope in a love affair. (Often rumored to be the reason why British girls sprinkled bay leaves  with rose water and put them on their pillows on Valentine’s Day Eve. They wanted to see their loved one in their dreams.)

Sweetheart, Sugar Pie, Honey etc.

When peoplea are in love they just seem to automatically develop this type of dialogue. But why?  We often refer to someone we care about as sweetheart or honey.  Researchers have found that when we fall in love, a chemical
called phenylethylamine or phenylalanine is produced.  This drug is responsible for that erratic, psychotic love high that we all feel.  When phenylethylamine or phenylalanine is flowing through our veins it’s as if we are on amphetamines.  We can stay up all night and work all day the next day.  And a pheromone called androstenol is also released, which heightens our sexual attractions.  Thus, we also end up producing what is called a sweet taste in our mouths and we start spouting off phrases like “luscious” and “sweet” and “honey” and other things that we like such as “muffin” or “cupcake” or “pudding.”

However, there is nothing as bad as love gone wrong!  And so then we suddenly start spouting off words that have to do with being disgusted, depressed, angry, bitter etc.  These are like, “a sour taste in my mouth” or “foul mood” or even being a little “stinker.”


Historically, apples have been tokens of love and fertility.  The Norse gods ate apples to stay young and scholars say that Hebrew women dran and washed with the sap of an apple for fertility.  Apples have also been known for divining and fortune-telling since ancient times.  So the phrase, “Mom, Country and Apple Pie” all refer to types of love …. maternal, patriotism and sexual.  But, apples are NOT really the original aphrodisiac at all.


The Spaniards believed that the tomato (nightshade vegetation) to really be the true romance-inducing fruit and brought the seeds over to the US from South America. So “love apples” are not really apples at all, but tomatoes.  And this is how we get the phrase, “She’s a really hot tomato!”


Believe it or not, chocolate contains the same chemical mentioned above called phenylethylamine or phenylaline that is produced in our brains when falling in love, and that gives the same emotional high related to amphetamines.  Many psychologist feel that chocolate is an instant “love booster” and an automatic sweet taste in our mouths.  And with some people, both chocolate and love can be addictive.  Anyway, the idea of giving chocolate to someone we care about is a way to stir up the same emotions in them (only artificially if they don’t really feel the same way emotionally back) as well.

As with all drugs, the phenylethylamine will wear off if it’s not produced due to real emotions.

Some also say that “sweets for my sweet” is a pun for giving any candy to someone you care about.

Love Knots

It has no beginning and no end and consists of graceful loops (sometimes forming hearts) in which messages of love are either attached and knotted in (or written on the ribbon or rope) and read by turning the knot around and around. And, if you couldn’t make a real love knot, then many Valentines included a design of one.  A young man often hung this love knot on his true love’s doorknob, slipping a letter under also.  (Some feel this began with the
sailors since many were skilled at making fishnets and so doing knots or macramé were their skill.  Others say it is a celtic custom and design. While others say it is Scandinavian.)

Paper Hands

By the 19th Century another symbol of love became the paper hand. It was considered a symbol of courtship because of the custom of a man “asking for a lady’s hand” in marriage.  And eventually tiny paper gloves became a valentine card symbol as well….evolving into gloves (esp. silk) becoming a popular gift to for a man to give his sweetheart. Eventually, a woman sort of expected a pair of good gloves as a gift (in she was in certain social circles).  Eventually (I guess it depended on how well you knew the woman?) a man would also give shoestrings, silk stockings, garters and jewelry to his sweetheart for Valentines.

Scrimshaw & Cameos

Now, back to those romantic sailors longing for their true loves while at sea… Many sailors would scratch designs on tusk, bones, ivory or wood as a token of love.  This is known as scrimshaw today.  Long flat decorated scrimshaw were often meant as corest stiffeners known as busks and stays. Some carved messages into them. And it is also rumored that talented sailors would often carve images of their fair ladies on conch shells (known as cameos) because photos were not invented yet.  Or….in some cases they carved images of themselves on conch shells to leave with their true loves to remember them by (had them mounted as pins).  The male cameos are more rare than the
female ones.  In other cases, the men would carve pictures of Gods on the cameos or scrimshaw and give it to their loved one as an omelet of love and protection for them.

Here is a poem written from a sailor to his sweetheart when he sent her a carved scrimshaw whalebone busk.

Accept, dear girl, this busk from me

Carved by my humble hand.

I took it from a sperm whale’s jaw

One thousand miles from land.

In many a gale had been the whale

In which this bone did rest.

His time is past, but his bone at last

Must now support thy breast.

I find this the most  phenomenally personal gift from a man to a women in that day.  Today, if a man gave a woman say a  Victoria’s Secret bra or lingerie, it would not be considered that intimate as in the Victorian times when a man literally carved the support bones for his woman’s corsets!

Valentine Lace

Expensive Valentines today have real lace, perhaps gold charms, real flowers (or dried) and even made with red velvet and not paper.  For thousands of years, certain “pretty things” have often been associated with romance. In the days of olde, knights often rode into battle with his lady love’s scarf or ribbon tied somewhere on him.  Lace, because of it’s delicate nature, has come to represent something lovely to look at and thus represent love (because lace really isn’t practical as far as a fabric.)

So lace as long as 400 years ago because a popular trimming for clothing…especially clothing associated with love = wedding dresses!

How lace paper got made was purely accidental. Joseph Addenbrooke in 1834 was working for a London paper when by accident a file brushed over a sheet of paper embossed with a raised design.  The high points of this embossed design thus got filed off leaving small holes, and giving a lacey look to the paper.

This led into the business of making paper laces and soon others followed — competitively to the point where some of these paper laces are of museum quality today.

Valentine Phobias

Although most of us who are not in love, married or seeing someone, dread Valentine’s Day for it’s reminder of loneliness, we only face a slight sense of depression and nothing more. For some people with certain phobias, the following can be a problem for them:

Orintho-Apiphobia – Fear of the Birds and Bees

Ereuthophobia – Fear of Blushing

Obligaphobia – Fear of Commitment

Anlophobia – Fear of Flowers

Dorapophobia – Fear of Furs

Zelophobia – Fear of Jealousy

Amoraphobia – Fear of Love

Gamophobia – Fear of Marriage

Arotophobia – Fear of Physical Love

Hedonophobia – Fear of any kind of Pleasure or Having Fun

Haphephobia – Fear of Touching or Being Touched

Gynophobia – Fear of Girls

Androphobia – Fear of Men

So what do these have to do with Valentine’s Day exactly? Well for some people, they really fear any kind of “potential” social interaction with the opposite sex, or what in their minds might be perceived as a potential.  If a guy perhaps is afraid of being hugged by a female, he might dread Valentine’s Day for this?  It might never happen, but he worries about “what if” all day long.  The same can be true for a female.  Or it might be that they fear their own reactions if they get a Valentine, such as blushing. So they don’t want one given to them publically.

For most of us, this sounds a bit extreme or crazy, but for those with certian phobias it’s a really serious situation.

However, let me briefly mention what the professionals did in the book regardling Valentine’s Day and love.  We are now living in an era of AIDS and well, just for the sake of common sense, we need to ‘think’ before we really allow our
emotions to run amuck, especially on a holidays that has it’s basis as fertility, mating and so on.

It’s fine to let someone know you like them or find them attractive. But stop and think about how you want to reciprocate any mutual feelings, OK?

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Valentine’s Day 2012: Top Things To Do in Asia


Valentine’s Day 2012: Top Things To Do in Asia


Valentines Day 2012 in Bangladesh

Valentine’s Day might be a western concoction, but people across Asia are certainly not adverse to getting romantic and sentimental on the date. While the majority of celebrations of this nature do take place on  or around February 14, there are other events celebrating the same idea at other times of year. From underwater weddings to the exchange of chocolate dipped sticks, here are some romantic events happening in Asia to celebrate love.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Singapore

Having valentine day dinner in Singapore, seems to be some people’s concern. Other concerns are ideas of what to write in a valentine’s day card, great valentines day ideas for her, valentine’s day special, good restaurants to celebrate valentine’s day, suggestions to go or do on valentine’s day, ideas on what to get a guy on valentine’s day, restaurants serving candle light dinner in Singapore, best place to celebrate valentines day, cheap romantic ideas for valentine’s day. Valentine’s day ideas in Singapore can be an endless list.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Thailand

In Thailand Trang Underwater Weddings welcomes couples every year to exchange their vows under the sea from February 10-12. Prices are about 25,000 baht (US$800) per couple and 34 couples have taken the plunge, literally, this year to do the deed. Underwater weddings started in Trang in 1996. It’s also the location of the Largest Underwater Wedding Ceremony – awarded by the Guinness World Records in 2000. In Thailand marriage vows are literally a leap of faith as couples have their ceremony in mid air in these popular ceremonies in Thab Lan National Park, Prachinburi province on February 13-14. Couples swing out from the cliffs to say their “I do” in what is to become the start of a life long adventure. If you missed out on a good smooch last year you could head to Pattaya for this competition running 12-14 February. Couples here aim to break the 46-hour long Guiness World Record. The winners get 200,000 Baht.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Taiwan

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Taiwan on February 14, but there is also a special Valentine’s Day on July 7 of the lunar calendar, based on an ancient Chinese folktale (**). Both dates are equally as important. Many men purchase expensive bouquets of roses and other flowers for their sweethearts on these days. According to Taiwan tradition, the color and number of the roses holds much significance. For example, one red rose means “an only love,” eleven roses means “a favorite,” ninety-nine roses means “forever,” and one hundred eight roses means “marry me.”

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Korea

The traditional gift of candy takes place in Korea on February 14, but only from females to males. There is another special day for males to give gifts to females and this is celebrated on March 14. Very similar to the custom in Japan, March 14 in Korea is known as “White Day.” On “White Day,” many young men confess their love for the first time to their sweethearts. For those young people who have no particular romantic partners, the Koreans have set aside yet another date…April 14, also known as “Black Day.” On that date, such individuals get together and partake of Jajang noodles, which are black in color, hence the name of the day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in China

China calls Valentine’s Day Qi Qiao Jie. Daughters who are not married pray for a perfect husband. As a romantic day in the year, people exchange chocolate, gifts and sweets.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in India

India is somewhat new in celebrating this holiday. Some people are resistant to Valentine’s Day, as it is a western tradition. Yet others are embracing this as a day to celebrate their love for each other with the exchange of stuffed animals, flowers, cards, candies and jewelry, which is considered the ideal gift for an Indian woman. Wedding proposals are common on this day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Hongkong

In Hong Kong’s financial district couples can have a fast food catered wedding at McDonalds. According to Reuters, The ‘McWeddings’ are decorated with pink balloons, and a wedding cake made of McDonald’s apple pies piled one on top of another. This new service was just started January 2011 and 2 weddings have already been booked. About 70 other couples are considering this venue. For $1,282 they can get golden arches invitations, wedding gifts, decorations with Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar and other acoutrements. You can rent a wedding gown for an additional $165.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Bangladesh

Couples attended different kind of programs to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Especially on the Dhaka University (DU) campus where they were able to express their feelings of love to the opposite sex in an atmosphere of fun, frolic and festivities. The young folks celebrate the Valentines Day across the country, but the day does not have much scope for privacy, as it will witness mainly the youthful, sprightly exuberance centering the most precious feeling of youth … ‘romance’. Adding to the elegance of presenting one’s loved one with a rose are the greetings cards brought out by the famous outlets Archies and Hallmark who are selling cards and gifts items on discount. To mark the day, on the other hand many hotels, cafes and restaurants have offered different types of attractive gifts & dishes for couples.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Australia

The gold miners in Australia who were blushing with new found wealth from the Ballarat mines were willing to pay a princely sum for making elaborate valentines. The merchants in Australia would generally send orders of a thousand pounds at a time to make the Valentines Day grander. The most profligate of valentines were made of a satin cushion and ornately designed with flowers, colored shells, ribbons etc. All this work was kept in a neatly adorned box.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in New Zealand

A very popular way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in New Zealand is by arranging picnics and romantic outings with one’s partner. There are a number of exquisite and beautiful locales for this purpose, like the unique Haulashore Islands or the picturesque hills and vineyards that dot the country. Advance bookings of resorts and holiday cottages, offering scenic views, are made and people indulge in moments of luxury and fine living. Special Valentine packages are also available during this time and people make plans in advance, to grab the best options. On Valentine’s Day, get-togethers and home parties are widely arranged throughout New Zealand. Friends and family members come together to spend some quality time. Every house can be seen bedecked and adorned with beautiful decor, garlands of flowers, red roses, ornamented lovebirds and lovely posters of cupid. Sumptuous meals are prepared, games are played and there is a general environment of merriment and gaiety. As a part of the Valentine celebration, special Helium balloons are also exchanged and the kids have a blast playing with them. There is something very appealing and alluring about the entire festival of Valentine’s Day in New Zealand. Such is the environment here that people of all moods and mindset are automatically drawn to observe it. The unique history and cultural background of the country makes the celebration even more interesting. The festival unifies the entire nation as a single element, as the sole purpose of observing the festival is honoring the exquisite human emotion called love. so, do try to make it your valentine destination this year!

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Duabi/UAE

In Dubai, which has traditionally permitted celebration of Valentine’s Day, the tourism authority has banned the sale of alcohol.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Israel

In Israel, the day of love is known as Av-Tu B’Av, and is celebrated in the latter part of August. Going back to biblical times, girls dressed in white dresses and they would dance in the vineyards where the boys would meet them. Today, Av-Tu B’Av is a popular day to propose marriage and bestow gifts of love to each other.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Japan

Valentine’s Day is only celebrated by women in Japan. Japanese women give men a token gift as an expression of their love on Feb 14. On Mar 14, Called White Day, men return the gift to their partner. This tradition has only been recently started in 1978 by Japan’s National Confection Industry. White chocolate is commonly given, since the day is known as White Day. Although chocolate is the most common gift, cookies, white lingerie, and jewelry are popular gifts also.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Philippines

Mass weddings on Valentine’s Day have become increasingly popular in the Philippines and 2012 is not likely to disappoint. In Palawan city last year 150 couples got married in the rain and planted mangrove trees to a themed event called “Love affairs with Nature”.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Uzbekistan

Well, this is Authorities in Uzbekistan are, apparently, unwilling to give love a chance, with news reports claiming that concerts and other events for Valentine’s Day have been cancelled in the country. Last year, the ‘Turkiston’ newspaper described Valentine’s Day as the work of “forces with evil goals bent on putting an end to national values”.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Pakistan

Many in Pakistan are concerned at the increasing popularity of Valentine’s Day among young affluent teenagers and students. Conservatives see the celebration as an immoral Western idea, which should not allowed to be penetrate Pakistani culture. However young Pakistanis argue that there is nothing wrong with celebrating love, and no threat to the country’s Islamic culture from such a celebration. Some extremist groups threaten violence against those who celebrate Valentine’s Day and it is unclear if the street vendors were arrested or carted off for their own protection.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Malaysia

In Malaysia, officials have warned Muslims against celebrating. The warning follows plans announced last week by several Malaysian states to crack down on “immoral acts” during Valentine’s Day as part of a campaign to encourage a sin-free lifestyle. The head of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department, which oversees the country’s Islamic policies, told state media, “In reality, as well as historically, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is synonymous with vice activities.”

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia have banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Iran

Iran also banned the celebration. Iranian officials say they will take action against those who ignore the ban.

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Valentine’s Day 2012: Top Things To Do in Europe


Valentine’s Day 2012: Top Things To Do in Europe


Valentines Day 2012 in Europe

As you’re already in Europe on your working holiday, you have so many options for a true European Valentine’s Day. The big question is, which country or city is the best place to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2012. So here’s our most romantic, fun, interactive things to do in Europe. As you’re used from us, it’s off the beaten track.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in UK

Of the various customs popular in England, penning of verses of love affairs and matters of heart is the most fascinating way to honor the Saint patron of love, the immortal St. Valentine. In various parts of the United Kingdom, celebrations take place according to the customs and traditions and as the day approaches, all magazines and tabloids are readying for the day and they publish sonnets and verses to commemorate St Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Germany/Valentine’s Day 2012 in Austria

In some countries like Austria and Germany there has long been a tradition for men to buy their sweethearts flowers on Valentine’s Day. An interesting facet of this tradition is that men have to pay attention to the type of flowers their sweet hearts like- both in terms of color and fragrance. In Germany it has become a kind of must for the lovers, husbands or people who are courting, to give gifts and flowers to their loved ones on Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Italy

Italians call Valentine’s Day La Festa Degli Innamorati. Rome is credited with the origination of St. Valentine’s Day. Candies, perfumes, roses, bon bons, and diamonds are traditional gifts as an expression of their love for each other. Baci Perugina chocolates are popular candies given.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in France

In France, they exchange beautiful greeting cards with romantic messages called cartes d’amities. France calls this day La Saint Valentin. Good food and music are an important part of this day in France, with live musicians performing throughout the country. Candies and red roses are popular gifts.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Scotland

Scotland celebrates Valentine’s Day with a dance festival and somtimes weddings would be done at the festival. In yet another Scottish tradition the first female or male that cross each other’s path are each other Valentine’s Day for that day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Spain

In Spain, husbands frequently send their wives bouquets of flowers.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Norway

Norway and Denmark call it Valentinsdag on Feb 14 and give lover’s cards. In Denmark, it is customary to send Snowdrops, which are pressed white flowers to their friends. The men send goekkebrev, a rhyming letter without signing his name, only using dots(one for each letter of his name). This is known as a joking a letter. If the girl guesses the guys name, she gets an easter egg at a later time in the year.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Sweden

Sweden calls this day All Hearts Day – Alla hjärtans dag. This holiday gained popularity through the flower industry. Although it is not an officially recognized holiday, flower and perfumes and cosmetics are so popular, they are only bigger sellers on Mother’s day.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Finland

Finland celebrates this day as Friends Day Ystävänpäivä, which is a day to honor your friends more than lovers.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Romania

Romania has recently added Valentine’s Day to their celebrations, but has received a lot of negativity because many believe it is an imported ‘Western’ commercialized holiday, and it interferes with their traditional holiday of love on Feb 24th, called Dragobete.

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Turkey

Turkey celebrates Sweet Hearts Day called Sevgililer Günü

Valentine’s Day 2012 in Slovenia

The country of Slovenia is one of the newer countries to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In this country, it marks the beginning of Spring. Legend has it that birds marry. In the countryside people start working on the vineyards and celebrate their day of love on March 12.


Valentine’s Day 2012: Top 5 Cities Celebration


1. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Paris: Something different in most romantic city

Whether you like it or not, Paris simply has to be in this list. Many call it the most romantic city in the world. But instead of going for the standard walk on the banks of the river Seine or a dinner in a fancy 3-star Michelin restaurant, you’ll do something totally different (surprise her). How about emerging yourself in true French romance by visiting the Valentine concert of French singer Patrick Fiori at the Olympia Hall (tickets from €40). Oh and don’t forget to book a romantic bed & breakfast or hotel in Paris.

2. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Amsterdam: Icy cold and snowy fun

Doing a sightseeing tour by canal boat while sipping bubbly is pretty romantic. But you can do better than that. As winter kicked in pretty late this year, there is a high probability that some canals will be frozen over. Maybe not in Amsterdam but definitely in the surrounding area. So do a Dutch ice skating tour together (where it’s all about distance and not how fancy you can skate). Then afterwards you can have a hot cocoa with a glass of ‘jenever’ or Jaegermeister to warm up. And together you can watch the people outside playing in the snow from your warm (and affordable) hotel room.

3. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Seville: Southern warmth and fresh tapas

Okay so the two of you aren’t much of a snow or ice fan. Well then heading south is a great idea. Simply go to Seville, the most southern city in Spain. During the day you can catch some sunshine (average high temperature of 17.9 degrees Celsius in February) and check out the amazing architecture. And at night you’ll indulge in the delicious tapas that are available from the many bars ad restaurants in the city. And there are some really nice places to stay in Seville.

4. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Oberhausen: Shop in paradise till you drop

Almost every guy knows how incredible difficult it can be to find your girlfriend the perfect gift. A gift that she actually wants and won’t return the next day. Sounds almost like a mission impossible. But there’s a solution. Visit the massive mall Centro in Oberhausen and let her choose. Take a look the shops you can find at Centro, Europe’s biggest shopping centre. After a long day of shopping it’s better to stay at a hotel nearby as you probably will be too tired to go home anyway. Plus it allows you to go back to the shops you missed the next morning.

5. Valentine’s Day 2012 in Copenhagen: Enjoy the colours

Make it a colourful Valentine’s Day in Copenhagen. There’s heaps to do there. From the Winter Gardens at Glyptoteket to dressing up for a night at the Opera. Or simply watch the sun go down. Oh and don’t forget about about the flowers in Tivoli Gardens. Or enjoy a night in in your cosy Danish bed & breakfast.

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Valentine’s Day 2012 : Top 10 SMS Text Messages to show your affection


Valentine’s Day Messages 2012 : Top 10 SMS text messages to show your affection


Valentines Day Messages 2012

1. Love is A Driver

Valentines Day 2012 Text Messages

“Love is a driver, bitter and fierce if you fight and resist him, easy-going enough once you acknowledge his power.”





2. No Poems, No Fancy Words

alentines Day 2012 Text Messages

“No Poems, No Fancy Words

I just want the world to know that

I Love You

My Princess with all my heart.”


3. O, My Dear Valentine

Valentines Day 2012 Text Messages

O my Dear Valentine, What’s life? Life is Love. What’s love? Love is kissing. What is kissing? Come here and I show you.”




4. Don’t Wait Until It’s too Late

Valentines Day 2012 Text Messages

“Don’t wait until it’s too late

to tell someone

how much you love

how much you care


when they’re gone

no matter how loud

you shout and cry

they wont hear you anymore.”


5. What I Need to Live

Valentines Day 2012 Text Messages

“What I need to live has been given to me by the earth.  Why I need to live has been given to me by you.”





Valentines Day 2012 Text Messages

CLICK is an acronym that means

C– Can’t live without you

L– Love you

I– I miss you

C– Care about you

K – Kiss from my heart to you

So, whenever you miss the person that you love, you would just need to say CLICK.


7. Love is Like Playing the Piano

Valentines Day 2012 Text Messages

Love is Like Playing the Piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must not forget the rules and play from your heart”.




8. V is for Valentine

Valentines Day 2012 Text Messages


V – Valentine

A – Always be Yours

L – Love at its most extreme

E – Everlasting/Ecstatic Love

N – Never-ending love

T – Together Forever

I – Intelligent and Innocent

N – Natural Ways of Saying I love you

E – Eternity


9. Love is a paper, life is glue

Valentines Day 2012 Text Messages

“Feelings are many but words are few,
clouds are dark but sky is blue;
Love is a paper, life is glue,
every thing is false, only My Love is TRUE.”




10. U r d Beat of My Heart

Valentines Day 2012 Text Messages

“U r d beat of my heart
Love of my soul
I ‘ll never leave U
& never wanna U let go.

U r d beat of my heart
d 1 that make me sing
d 1 who makes me smile
& I never seem to cry.

U r d beat of my heart
d 1 I really love
Don’t let me out of Ur sight
For I’m yours by heart.”

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Valentine’s Day 2012 : Top 10 Crafts to make the day more novel and creative


Valentine’s Day Crafts 2012 : Top 10 crafts to make the day more novel and creative



Valentines Day Crafts 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012 will soon be upon us, so it’s time to start considering what type of Valentines 2012 gifts crafts for her. Valentine’s Day 2012 is a festival for people who are in love express their love to each other with Valentines gifts and actions. Valentines gifts for her are always associated with romance, such as dim lights, a luxurious dinner, sweet music, chocolates, flowers, and perhaps most especially handcrafts.

Although handcraft is always a timeless gift that is sure to be appreciated on Valentine’s Day 2012, you might try Valentine’s day crafts that are something a little more novel and creative for your spouse this year in order to make her happy. Valentine’s Day craft is always pleasing for your gift recipient, and there are several lovely choices suitable for Valentine’s Day. There are handcrafted necklaces with pendants inscribed with “I Love You,” for example. Handcrafted rings that can be adorned with both of your birthstones, as well as your names engraved upon them, will bring a smile to any woman’s face. Here are the top 10 Valentines Day 2012 crafts for her, which may help you choose the perfect Valentines gift for her.

1. Love Heart Makeup Mirror

This mirror is designed in the shape of a heart. Red and heart shape are a perfect combination, which could show your love to her. The stand could make this mirror more convenient. This love heart makeup mirror can be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift and will perfect her home decor.

2. Rose Wall Clock

It’s always springtime when you track your day on this delightful bouquet of a wall clock. Pretty pink blossoms and rosebuds radiate from a large central bloom with hour and minute hands. Makes an impressive and so-very-pretty way to dress up her wall.

3. Red In Ear Headphones

The shining colors make it a Valentines gift for your beloved ones. When you two put one headphone into your ear and listen to the same music, how romantic is!

4. Hello Kitty Pillow Pet

A Hello Kitty Pillow Pet makes a great gift for anyone who loves Hello Kitty, especially girls who love these kinds of lovely items. A Hello Kitty Pillow Pet will be a good friend and accompany girls when they are reading, sleeping or watching TV.

5. Limited 521 Metal Cartoon Spring Watches

This pair of watches is a limited edition of 7777 sets. You can give your beloved ones a piece to show your love and tell her that everyday is valentine’s day with her. Though small, it is quite, exact, eco-friendly.

6. Pink Ribbon Charm Bracelet for Her

It is actually quite easy to find an valentines gift for her that is thoughtful and will show just how well you know the recipient. The bracelet is the best way to preserve special memories in a piece of jewelry that your loved one will be able to wear for years to come.

7. A Pair of Cat and Fish Bone Necklace for Valentines Gift

Two necklaces are sold together. One is designed with a cat pendant, the other with a fish bone pendant. The necklaces want to show that cat can’t live without fish. You can’t live without her. She is very important to you.

8. Notebook Pendant Necklace For Valentine’s Day

The pendant of this necklace is a mini-notebook. You could write your love and care to her inside this notebook and send it together with this notebook pendant necklace. Whenever she wears this necklace, your words and love will accompany her.

9. Let All That You Do Be Done In Love Necklace

An elegant heart and plate written with ¡®Let All That You Do Be Done In Love’ make this necklace a perfect Valentine’s jewelry piece. This necklace will complete her attire any time she wears it.

10. Message In A Bottle Necklace

Do you have some words to say? And unfortunately you are not so brave? This Message in A Bottle Necklace could do that for you. Just write the words you want to say to her and put it in this mini glass bottle. She could feel your love.

Try out these Valentines Day 2012 gifts crafts and enhance relationship with your beloved ones. Just enjoy romance around and feel beautiful inside, with your beloved ones.

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Valentine’s Day 2012 : Top 50 Cards to share your feelings


Valentine’s Day Cards 2012 : Top 50 Cards to share your feelings


Valentines Day Cards 2012

Curious about the history behind the tradition of sending Valentine’s Day 2012 cards? Although it might seem like a modern phenomenon, people have actually been exchanging Valentine’s Day greeting cards for almost as long as they have been falling in love. Valentine’s Day cards have been a staple of the winter holiday for centuries, with well known verses like, “Roses are red, violets are blue…” dating back as far as the late sixteenth century. Even in Shakespeare’s time, Valentine’s Day was a chance to send a heartfelt note to that special someone. The famous poet wrote about it himself!

As the years passed and printing presses came into use, people continued to send Valentine’s Day cards with a little extra help from the modern technology of the day. Readily available cards, postcards and prints combined with the reduced cost of mailing Valentine’s Day 2012 greeting cards suddenly made it possible for people to send more cards than ever before. Nineteenth century postage fees were so low, in fact, that people were even empowered to send anonymous Valentine’s Day cards as well, giving rise to the ever-so-sweet idea of a secret admirer.

For a while after this round of innovation, Valentine’s Day card shoppers only had two options. They were forced to choose between mass-produced greeting cards sold in stores and the painstaking process of creating their own. Luckily, new technology has once again changed the industry, and now the days of sending generic Valentine’s Day greeting cards are numbered.

Today, handmade Valentine’s Day cards aren’t quite as popular as their printed counterparts, but at Tiny Prints you can still add a personal touch to every Valentine’s Day greeting card you send. It might not include lace, ribbons or a macaroni necklace, but you can add your own photos, text and verses to our collection of charming Valentine’s Day cards and greeting cards for an extra-special way to send your love on this fun and time-honored holiday.

So if you’re looking for a way to pay homage to the longstanding history of personalized Valentine’s Day 2012 greeting cards without breaking out the paper and scissors yourself, check out our adorable collection today. We offer fresh designs for families, couples and singles alike, along with cute Valentine’s Day cards for kids. These mini-cards are smaller than our other offerings, making them perfect for handing out at school, in dance class, at sports practice or even around the neighborhood.

Valentine’s Day photo cards are becoming increasingly popular with many stationery enthusiasts today. Wherever you choose to take your photo for your Valentine’s Day card, make sure you all look happy and in love by eliciting genuine smiles and giggles from each individual in your photo. These warm moments will make for the perfect picture to accompany your special greetings!

Start shopping now to find the right Valentine’s Day greeting cards to help you spread the love this winter. After all, not everyone likes chocolates, roses, kisses and cupcakes, but everyone loves to get a customized Valentine’s Day card in the mail!

Valentine’s Day 2012 or Valentines Day 2012?

One of the most common mistakes we see each February surrounds the phrase “Valentine’s cards.” So in case you’re wondering, we’re here to let you know once and for all whether “Valentine cards,” “Valentines Day cards” or any number of alternative spellings are most accurate.

Although we commonly see “Valentine card” or “Valentines Day card,” in fact neither of these spellings is correct. Valentine’s Day is a possessive phrase shortened from Saint Valentine’s Day, and therefore any phrase used to describe something related to Valentine’s Day should reflect a similar structure. As a result, instead of “Valentines Day cards” or “Valentine cards,” the proper spelling is “Valentine’s Day cards. We’re only willing to let the rule slide in the case of children handing out “valentines” to their friends and classmates.

We hope that helps clear things up. Here’s to a fun February filled with plenty of Valentine’s Day cards (with nary a “Valentine card” or “Valentines Day card” in sight!).

Well, enough theory; now send your valentine a awesome ecard from the top 50 Valentine’s Day cards 2012 collection  for a new approach to a romantic day! Whether you’re serious or silly, you’ll find the right card here.


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Valentine’s Day 2012 : Top 10 Poems to allure your ‘someone special’


Valentine’s Day Poems 2012 : Top 10 Poems to allure your ‘someone special’


Valentines Day Poems 2012

1. My Choice Of Love (Raymond Oluferanmi Solanke)
If love comes in colors,
I choose blue,
If love comes in flowers,
I’ll choose rose,
If love comes in songs,
I’ll think of choosing Blues,
But if love should come in human beings,
I’ll definitely not think twice before
I’ll choice you!
Because…..You are my choice

2. There For Me (Angela Guo)
You’re there for me when I’m lost
You’re there for me at every cost
You’re there for me through snow and rain
You’re there for me when I’m in pain
You’re there for me to heal my cut
You’re there for me no matter what
You’re there for me like an angel from above
To watch over me and teach me how to love

3. You’re in Love (Kolle)
You wake up and he’s on your mind.
Another subject, you can’t find.
You used to think it was just a bluff.
But now you realize, you’re in love.

You see him and can’t help but smile.
Think of him for miles and miles.
Weak in the knees when he comes through.
You know his eyes see right through you.

You don’t care what people say.
You want to be with him all day.
Seeing him you can’t get enough.
And you can see that you’re in love.

4. Love (Patricia Kena)
love can be good love can be bad
we all want something we never had
is there a soul mate out there for me
that special person one day we will see
someone to hold you in their arms
hands touching holding palms
sweet passionate lingering kisses
bodies fingerling heavenly bliss
I know someday I will find
that soul mate who is loving and kind
I know you are out there waiting for me
You’re in my thoughts, in my dreams

5. I Will Love You Forever (By Amanda Nicole Martinez)
I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice
And the way that we touch.
I love your warm smile
And your kind, thoughtful way,
The joy that you bring
To my life every day.
I love you today
As I have from the start,
And I’ll love you forever
With all of my heart.

6. Look For Me (Anonymous)
I found a leaf
(an autumn leaf,
beside a puddle yellow leaf)
I’ve launched a thousand other leaves
but this one was for you

And if this leaf
should not reach shore
I’ll launch at least
ten thousand more

So if you pass
then look for me
beside a puddle
or a tree!

7. You Are To Me (Anonymous)
Nothing can describe, the way I feel for you
Your love is warm and precious
Your heart so pure and true
Heavens angels brought me
To knock upon your door
To give you all my love
To keep you wanting more
The special bond we share, will guide us on our way
To a perfect life were dreams come true
What more can I really say
We were brought together, never will we part
Your my special gift
Your my shining star
I’ll love you unconditionally
With all my heart and soul
I’ll never break your spirit
I’ll always keep you whole

8. To Spend Forever (Anonymous)
I give you my heart,mind,body, and soul
I give you my love, for you to make me whole
I give you this promise, the promise to try
I give you each breath and the tears i cry
I give you my past, my future and NOW
I give you my thoughts and my hopes in this Vow
I give you my voice and the music i sing
I give you forever by accepting this ring
I give you my world all the pain and strike
I give you my hand and learn to share life
I give you this kiss and there words i say
“I’ll Cherish you always as of this day”
I give you my faith that these words are tru from now until the end i promise 2 you

9. If…Then (Anonymous)
If liking you was a mistake,
I would never be perfect.
If I had to sacrifice everything for you,
Everything would be gone in an instant.
If exercise was my obstacle from you,
I’d run a thousand miles.
If taking my life is what I had to do to have a moment with you,
Give me a knife and I’ll be Juliet.
If wishing everyday would get me you,
I’d wish every breathing moment.
If finding a genie meant being with you,
I’d search every lamp.
If finding a pot of gold meant you’ll stay with me,
I’d go under every rainbow to find a leprechaun.
If I’d have to sacrifice all my privilege for you,

10. A Walk In The Meadows (Anonymous)
Starting the journey of thousand miles.
Walking through the meadows, trampling all the harrows
Holding each others hands, lost like denizens of pariah clans
As I looked at you , and you looked at me
I see your shinning face with mirth and glee

I drown in your fathomless black eyes
With no desire to reach the corner
Your silky hair flying like cloud flakes
Casting the fears aside…never losing each others sight
Making our lives a guiding star…shimmering and bright
No waverings no flounderings…setting the path right

Still sensing your sweet fragrance
Relishing every single moment of romance

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Valentine’s Day 2012 : Top 10 Quotes to make your love feel so special


Valentine’s Day Quotes 2012 : Top 10 Quotes to make your love feel so special


Valentines Day Quotes 2012

1. A hundred hearts would be too few, To carry all my love for you.

2. Love is a symbol of eternity.  It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.

3. We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

4. Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

5. Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

6. Valentine hearts beat more passionately than everyday hearts.

7. Tell me how many beads there are
In a silver chain
Of evening rain,
Unravelled from the tumbling main,
And threading the eye of a yellow star: –
So many times do I love again.

8. Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.

9. Sometimes we make love with our eyes. Sometimes we make love with our hands. Sometimes we make love with our bodies. Always we make love with our hearts.

10. You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without.

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