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Fancy pigeons are usually  named for their unique coloring that creates a rather fancy and demure look about them.

fancy pigeonFancy pigeons are usually  named for their unique coloring that creates a rather fancy and demure look about them. They appear almost regal in colouring and are sought after for their special unique coloring. The more unique the coloring, the more valuable the fancy pigeon becomes. While they are most often recognized by the more traditional black heads and white bodies, many new and non traditional colors have emerged through selective breeding practices.

The majority of fancy pigeon enthusiasts enter their birds in shows and competitions. However, more and more pigeon fanciers are starting to develop a “pet” line for these pigeons, in which case the birds are brought in to be nothing more than members of the family.

1211362221With more than 300 different breeds of the traditional fancy pigeon you can find almost any coloring and feathering style that you prefer. Everything from the fanning of the tail to complete one colour pigeons are available through breeders and each marking and feathering style makes the fancy pigeon breeds remarkably beautiful birds.

Breeds such as the Pouter or Cropper or bred for their unique ability to puff their head feathers, or crops, to create an entirely different form of bird. These little guys can end up looking like they are all head with little bodies when they are inflated. Breeds like the exhibition tumbler pigeons were once known for their flying ability and prowess in the air. However, the breeding practices have created a simple ornamental bird over time.

All breeds of fancy pigeons have been developed for specific purposes. Over time, their breeding has changed their purpose, and many are now show birds. However, each type of fancy pigeon offers something special and different for the avid pigeon enthusiast.


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