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New Year Resolutions 2012: Top 10 Green Ideas for Healthier Living

New Year Resolutions 2012

New Year Resolutions 2012: Top 10 Green Ideas

New Year Resolutions 2012

New Year Resolutions 2012

We guess you have already made your New Year Resolutions 2012 with goals related to your personal health, money or relationships. Now we help you to refine your resolutions by taking your day to day habits & surrounding environment in count.

On next paragraph, we have build a green list of New Year Resolutions 2012 to help build a greener earth.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions 2012 :

1. Eat Less Meat

A report from the year 2011 “estimates that if each American cuts meat and cheese from their diet for one day a week it would be equivalent to taking 7.6 million cars off the road.”  Cut down on the meat in your diet and take a stand against animal suffering in factory farms while reducing your own carbon footprint.

2. Recycle Paper

The Environmental Protection Agency explains that 63 percent of paper and paperboard was recycled in 2010. Two billion books, 350 million magazines and 24 billion newspapers are published each year according to the site.  To reduce your waste from paper, be sure to recycle properly and resolve to subscribe digitally to your favorite magazines and newspapers. If possible, choose to stop receiving paper bills and statements, and make payments electronically.

3. Use Earth Friendly Cleaners

Chemical laden detergents end up in our waterways and poison aquatic life. They also lower the surface tension of the water, which presents another danger to marine life.

4. Compost

If you have the space why not try something new in 2012 and turn your scraps into compost? Not only will it make for a thriving garden by enriching the soil but all the waste you avoid sending to landfills ultimately avoids the production of methane and leachate.

5. Only Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Less than one percent of shopping bags are recycled each year, with Americans using one billion shopping bags each year. According to the council, rather than biodegrading, sunlight breaks down plastic bags into smaller pieces that contaminate the soil and water. Seattle peoples voted to ban plastic bags, in effective from July 2012. So, only use reusable shopping bags when you head out to buy your groceries.

6. Drive Less

Leaving your car in the garage is not just better for the environment. Spending some time outside, cycling or walking, will benefit your health too. According to a study from the University of Wisconsin, Madison earlier in 2011, making “short trips on bicycles could save approximately four trillion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 1,100 lives and $7 billion in mortality and health care costs for the [Midwest] every year.”  So, put down the keys, grab your helmet and resolve to pedal more in 2012!

7. Buy Less Bottled Water

According to the Clean Air Council, “26 to 41 percent of the 2.4 million tons of polyethylene terephthalate plastic discarded every year is bottled water bottles.” In 2012, help to reduce this number by purchasing less bottled water and buying a reusable water bottle. When discarding plastic water bottles, make sure to recycle them properly. According to Mother Nature Network, this includes removing the lids so they don’t mix with other types of plastic or get stuck in the machinery that is part of the process of melting down the plastic.

8. Shorten Your Shower Time

The U.S Geological Survey writes that each person in the U.S. uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. Taking a shower uses the most water second only to flushing a toilet. At a time when half the world’s population will face water scarcity issues within two decades, reducing your water use and taking shorter showers makes sense.

9. Plant Trees

Right now, about half of the earth’s tropical forests have been cut down–has a huge impact on many of the other issues on this list, from the release of carbon dioxide that encourages global warming to the loss of countless animal habitats. Buying recycled and recyclable items helps, but you can take a more active role, too. Plant trees wherever you can and stay rooted against deforestation.

10. Save Power

Turn off lights and electronics when you leave the room. Unplug your cell phone charger and laptop adapter from the wall when not using it. Turn off energy strips and surge protectors when not in use (especially overnight).

So, now do your part to follow the New Year Resolutions 2012, and set an example for those around you to build a healthier, greener earth.

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