Student Rail Card: Save upto 25% Annually on Rail Fares

Student Rail Card: Save upto 25% Annually on Rail Fares

Student Rail Card

Student Rail Card

A Network Student Rail Card gives you 1/3 off most rail fares for journeys in the Network Railcard area and can also save you money on trips to and around London.

The Network Railcard costs £28 and is valid for 12 months.

To buy a Student Rail Card you will need to complete the Network Railcard application form and take it to the ticket office at your local staffed National Rail station in the Network Railcard area.

Don’t forget to print the second page of the application form so you can get a receipt for your Railcard.

If you are unable to print the application form, you can pick one up at your local staffed National Rail station in the Network Railcard area.

A Network Student Rail Card gives you 1/3 off most standard adult rail fares for travel in the Network Railcard area.

The added benefit is that up to three adults can travel with you and they will also get 1/3 off their rail fare. Plus, you can take up to four children (aged 5 to 15 years) with you and save 60% on each child fare.

Please note, that Network Railcard discounts are not available on Oyster pay as you go.

You can buy Network Railcard discounted tickets for travel any time on weekends and public holidays or from 10.00 Monday to Friday. You may be able to start your journey a little earlier than 10.00, see Easements for details or check at your local station.

The 10.00 Monday to Friday time restriction applies to all types of tickets.

A minimum fare applies for ALL journeys Monday to Friday – see Minimum Fares section for details.

Travel by train is a great way to visit friends and family, enjoy shopping and sporting days out and experience South East England’s culture, coast and countryside.

The Network Railcard discount is not available on tickets for travel before 10.00hrs, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). This time restriction applies to all types of tickets.

You can use your Network Student Rail Card to get discounts on tickets for travel at any time on weekends and public holidays.

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Train Times USA: Get Cheap Tickets with Schedules

Train Times USA: Get Cheap Tickets with Schedules

Train Times USA

Train Times USA

Trains in the United States have always had a strong hold on the popular imagination, inspiring countless railroad stories, songs, films and legends. A rugged charm sets them apart from more mundane means of transport and their ecological soundness means that rail travel is again in vogue. Amtrak trains (not ‘Amtrack’) pollute less, rarely suffer from weather delays and won’t give you jet lag. You can choose your companions, read a book, have a snooze, sleep horizontally and enjoy most of the comforts of home while on holiday. One reason for travelling by train in the USA is especially compelling: it’s much more fun.

Trains go to almost all big US cities as well as to Disney World, Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. Pampered by helpful attendants, you can travel by railway from coast to coast, explore the Rocky Mountains and ride directly alongside two oceans. You cross rivers, lakes and deserts and see places which can’t be visited any other way. Less expensive than flying, more comfortable than the bus, train travel keeps you relaxed and in touch with an ever-changing landscape.

Favourite Amtrak trains in the USA

Many great long-distance trains operate in the United States, often travelling through wild, spectacular scenery not easily accessible any other way. Ideal for a holiday or as part of your round the world journey. Maps and complete guides on how to travel by train can be found in USA by Rail where the following are among the most highly recommended routes.

The Coast Starlight

This is one of Amtrak’s most scenic trips for travel by train and a particular favourite with young people. A party atmosphere frequently develops, starting in the lounge car and spreading throughout the train as it journeys between Seattle and Los Angeles. You see snow-covered mountains, forest valleys and long stretches of the Pacific shoreline.

The California Zephyr

One of the world’s great journeys, taking two days and nights to travel by train between Chicago and San Francisco, crossing farmland, prairie, deserts, rivers and the Rocky Mountains. Western pioneers came this way, as did gold prospectors, the Pony Express and the first telegraph line. The Zephyr follows America’s earliest transcontinental rail route for much of its 2,420-mile journey.

The Southwest Chief

Amtrak’s fastest rail journey from Chicago to the Pacific is along part of the Santa Fe Trail first used by Native Americans then by Spanish conquistadors, mule caravans, wagon trains and stage-coaches. You travel 2,230 miles through eight states, passing wheat fields, ranches, missions, pueblos, mountains and deserts. Sometimes the canyons you go through are only a few feet wider than the train.

The Sunset Limited

The only way to travel from coast to coast on a single train. After going north from Orlando to Jacksonville in Florida the train heads west into two sunsets. You see the swamps of bayou country and flirt with the Mexican border before crossing Texas ranges to the mountains, deserts and orange groves of California.

Train Times USA

Printable Train times USA for each route are available in Adobe® PDF format. Timetables are only as current as the date of the last printing.

Download  Train Times USA – Fall 2011/Winter 2012 (PDF, 18.9MB)

Route Major Cities Served Region
Acela Express – see Northeast Corridor timetables. Boston – New York – Philadelphia – Washington, DC Northeast

Montreal – Albany – New York Northeast
Amtrak Cascades

Vancouver, BC – Seattle – Tacoma – Portland – Salem – Eugene Northwest
Auto Train

Lorton, VA (Washington, DC) – Sanford, FL (Orlando) South
California Zephyr

Chicago – Denver – Salt Lake City – Emeryville / San Francisco West
Capitol Corridor

San Francisco – San Jose / Oakland – Sacramento / Auburn / Reno California
Capitol Limited

Chicago – Pittsburgh – Cleveland – Washington Midwest
Cardinal & Hoosier State

Chicago – Indianapolis – New York Midwest

New York – Raleigh – Charlotte South
City of New Orleans

Chicago – Memphis – Jackson – New Orleans Midwest
Coast Starlight

Seattle – Portland – Los Angeles West

New York – Washington – Atlanta – New Orleans South

Portland – Boston Northeast
Empire Builder

Chicago – St. Paul / Minneapolis – Portland / Seattle West
Empire Service

New York – Albany – Buffalo – Toronto Northeast
Ethan Allen Express

Rutland – Albany – New York Northeast
Heartland Flyer

Oklahoma City – Fort Worth West

Milwaukee – Chicago Midwest
Illinois / Missouri Services

Chicago – Quincy / Omaha, Carbondale, St. Louis / Kansas City Midwest
Keystone Service

Harrisburg – Philadelphia – New York Northeast
Lake Shore Limited

Chicago – Cleveland – Buffalo – Boston / New York Midwest
Maple Leaf

New York – Buffalo – Toronto Northeast
Michigan Services

Chicago – Detroit – Pontiac / Chicago – Grand Rapids Midwest
Northeast Corridor 1

New York – Philadelphia – Baltimore – Washington Northeast
Northeast Corridor 2

Boston / Springfield – New Haven – New York – Philadelphia – Washington Northeast
Northeast Corridor 3

Boston – New York – Washington, DC – Charlottesville – Lynchburg – Richmond – Newport News – Virginia Beach Northeast
Northeast Regional – see Northeast Corridor timetables. Boston – Springfield / Providence – New York – Washington, DC – Newport News – Lynchburg South
Pacific Surfliner

San Luis Obispo – Santa Barbara – Los Angeles – San Diego California

New York – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh Northeast
San Joaquin

San Francisco – San Joaquin Valley – Fresno – Bakersfield California
Silver Service / Palmetto

New York – Washington, DC – Charleston – Savannah – Jacksonville – Orlando – Tampa / Miami South
Southwest Chief

Chicago – Kansas City – Albuquerque – Los Angeles West
Sunset Limited

New Orleans – San Antonio – Los Angeles West
Texas Eagle

Chicago – Dallas – San Antonio – El Paso – Tucson – Los Angeles West

St. Albans – Springfield – New York – Washington Northeast

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