ING HomeBank: Best Secured Online Banking

ING HomeBank

ING HomeBank

ING HomeBank:

Best Secured Online Banking

Home’Bank allows you to manage your banking wherever and whenever you want. Making transfers, viewing bank statements or even applying for loans: with Home’Bank on your PC, you can do all this quickly, efficiently and most of all… securely!


  • Secure: you are the only one that can access your accounts.
  • Handy: manage your banking where and when it suits you. You can see all your banking details at a glance.
  • Free: to holders of most ING accounts, Home’Bank is entirely free.
  • Extra discounts: Home’Bank gives investors, among others, a 20% discount on the ING fund sales commission.


ING HomeBank Services:

Day-to-day banking

  • Manage your standing orders and direct debits and perform several transfers at the same time.
  • Get an overview of your finances and access account information at a glance.
  • Monitor your credit card transactions.
  • With Zoomit, you receive and pay your invoices directly through Home’Bank.


  • Monitor your investment portfolio online and place orders on domestic and foreign stock exchanges.
  • Subscribe to ING investment sub-funds.
  • If you manage your investments through Home’Bank, you will receive the following discounts:
    • 50% discount on brokerage fees/commissions on Euronext stock market orders;
    • 40% discount on brokerage fees/commissions on non-Euronext orders;
    • 20% discount on the ING fund sales commission.

Apply online

  • New accounts: apply for a current or savings account in just a few minutes.
  • Pension savings: open your Star Fund directly through Home’Bank.
  • Insurance: apply online for an ING Car Insurance or ING Assistance.
  • Loans: from now on you can also start your loan application through Home’Bank.

Other electronic services

As a Home’Bank user, you have automatic access to:

  • Phone’Bank: do your banking by phone.
  • Home’Pay: make fast and secure payments for your online purchases through Home’Bank.

You can also access:


Want to use Home’Bank for business purposes? Home’Bank Plus allows you to keep your business accounts perfectly separate from your personal accounts! It also offers a range of extra features such as:

  • joint signatures
  • higher payment limits
  • an offline version so that you can work on batched transactions
  • link to CODO and CIRI files to link your accounting package to your Home’Bank Plus.

More information on Home’Bank Plus.


ING HomeBank Practicalities:


Home’Bank is entirely free for

  • holders of an ING Lion Account, an ING Green Account and/or an ING go to 18 Account;
  • holders of an ING Lion Deposit;
  • holders of an Invest Account;
  • Privalis customers;
  • customers under 26.

In all other cases, a Home’Bank subscription costs 15 euro a year.

Terms and conditions

You can apply for Home’Bank if you

  • are over 12 years old
  • have a mandate for an ING account


Read more about how your Home’Bank transactions are secured.

Any further questions?

  • Contact our staff at the Home’Bank Helpdesk at 02 464 60 04. They are there to help you on workdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you interested in Home’Bank?

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