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How ING Maintain Your Online Banking Security?

ING does its utmost to protect your financial transactions as well your privacy. You can count on our efficient security measures, not just when you use Home’Bank, but also when you visit our secure websites.

ING Card Reader: the electronic signature

With the ING Card Reader and your ING bank card, you can consult your accounts and make transactions from any computer, in complete security. It is the perfect solution for people who are often on the move! The ING Card Reader is a tool which reads the chip on your ING bank card in order to generate unique codes to authenticate and sign off your online transactions. Thanks to this protection, you are the only one who can access your accounts.

ING Card Reader user guide
Do you not have an ING bank card? Find out about the ING Home’Bank Card

The security module: making your transactions secure

If you use Home’Bank without ING Card Reader , you should install the security module on your computer. This program encrypts all the information you exchange with ING via Home’Bank. The data are then sent to the secure ING servers, where it is unencrypted. The information ING sends you is encrypted in the same way. This technology ensures your security and privacy by preventing third parties from reading or changing your data.

Download and install the security module.

Automatic interruption of internet connection

ING ends automatically the internet session if it is idle for several minutes. To go back to Home’Bank, you need to log in again. This is to prevent you from inadvertently leaving your internet connection with ING open.


Secure connection

All ING websites (including, and Home’Bank) requiring personal data use a secure connection. This is to ensure that your data do not fall into the wrong hands.

Find out how to recognise this connection, so that you are sure that you are on the right website.

Communication between ING and its customers

ING Belgium wants to ensure that you can use the internet without worry. Therefore, ING Belgium uses a trustworthy e-mail marketing process:

  • ING Belgium will only send you marketing e-mails if you have not opted out from this and/or if you have given us permission to do so.
  • E-mails from ING Belgium are normally sent from the domain
  • ING Belgium will never ask you for personal or financial information (such as passwords, card numbers) in an e-mail. Only ING Belgium’s electronic channels such as Home’Bank, Home’Bank Plus and Telelink@Isabel have a secure e-mail platform.
  • As a part of online market research, it is possible you receive e-mails from one of our external partners. In that case, you may not find an label in the sender’s e-mail address. However, you can be sure that these partners are reliable and independent market research agencies who respect your privacy.

The external partners ING cooperates with are TNS Dimarso, Insites Consulting, GFK Significant, Synovate, SatMetrix and Ipsos. When in doubt, please contact

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