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BPL 2012: Chittagong Kings Move to Court Challenging Semifinal place

Chittagong Kings move to Court for Semifinal place Judgement


Chittagong Kings Challenging Semifinal Place

After the BPL authorities said Barisal Burners, not Chittagong Kings, are playing semifinals, Kings said they will move court, just two hours before the first semifinal is set to start.

Samir Quader Chowdhury, CEO of SQ Sports, which owns the Kings, told a media conference about the decision of the team.

Coach Khaled Mahmud and manager Nasir Ahmed were also present.
Shafiqul Haque Heera and Faruque Ahmed, the managers of semifinalists Dhaka Gladiators and Duronto Rajshahi, respectively, and Khulna Royal Bengals media manager Jahid Razzaq Masum were also present in the conference.

Dhaka’s Heera said his team will support the Kings if they were thrown out illegally.

Faruque of Rajshahi said they will also back the Kings if they were dropped unlawfully. He, however, added they are not abandoning the first semifinal against the Burners at 2pm.

More news to follow soon …


Earlier News Developments

On Sunday, it was announced that Barisal Burners were through to the semis after their victory against Chittagong Kings on the basis of net run-rate.

At that point, the other two spots were going to be contested between Chittagong, Khulna Royal Bengals and Dhaka Gladiators.

On Monday, after Dhaka lost narrowly to Rajshahi and Khulna beat Sylhet Royals, Khulna went to second place with 12 points, leaving Dhaka, Barisal and Chittagong tied on 10 points at the end of the league phase.

In the head-to-head results between the teams level on 10 points, Dhaka had beaten Barisal twice and Chittagong once and had a superior net-run rate and qualified for the semi-finals in third place. That now left Chittagong and Barisal in contention for the fourth.

Chittagong had two wins, against Barisal and Dhaka, while Barisal had only one, against Chittagong. Barisal’s net run-rate, however, was better than that of Chittagong.

It was initially announced that Chittagong were in the semi-finals, presumably on the basis of a better head-to-head record in the three-way tie on 10 points, which included Dhaka.

At 2:45am Tuesday, however, the BPL issued a release which said that Barisal was the fourth semi-finalist, presumably because their head-to-head record with Chittagong – not including Dhaka who had already qualified – was tied and they had a better net run-rate.

The upshot of all this confusion was that Rajshahi had ample time to prepare mentally for their knockout clash, while their opponents were left in limbo until the wee hours of the morning.


Much Earlier Drama

Controversy has touched today’s semifinals line-up of the BPL T20 after it was announced that it will be Chittagong Kings instead of Barisal Burners who will take on Duronto Rajshahi in the afternoon game, while the second semifinal will be between Khulna Royal Bengals and Dhaka Gladiators.

The switch between Barisal and Chittagong was made as the tournament by-laws reportedly has head-to-head taking precedence over net run-rate, which means that Barisal were in an unfavourable position as they have two wins in their matches against Chittagong and Dhaka Gladiators while the latter two have won more matches between the three sides. But on Sunday night during the live telecast of the Barisal-Chittagong game, the broadcasters Channel 9 continuously flashed the requirement for Barisal to win the game (by scoring 151 runs) within 16 overs. They completed the job in 15 overs and celebrated their progress into the last four.

Shahriar Nafees, Barisal’s icon player, was elated during the post-match talk to the media saying that they knew of the winning target being put in a tougher equation.

But according to a similar rule enforced by the England and Wales Cricket Board, in the event of more than one team being tied on the same number of points, past head-to-head results in the tournament in both rounds would apply. A team with a win over the other tied team in the point table will go above the other team which lost in prior matches. If these are equal, the team with the higher number of wins will go through; if still equal, net run rate will come into play.

As far as Channel 9 are concerned, they have taken statistical help from the BCB and will not speak about the matter.

BPL governing council chairman Gazi Ashraf Hossain however confirmed to the media that it will be Chittagong who will play the semifinals.

“According to the rule Rajshahi, Khulna, Dhaka and Chittagong are through,” he said.

Asked why Barisal were told that they have qualified if that was the rule, Ashraf said the BPL governing council never informed Barisal officially about it. “We are not supposed to tell a team if they have qualified or not. The rule is there for everyone to read,” he said.

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