Ramadan 2012 – Find all the dates with Eid ul Fitr 2012

Ramadan 2012

Ramadan 2012

Ramadan 2012 – Find all the dates with Eid ul Fitr 2012

When is Ramadan 2012?

Ramadan 2012 will hopefully start on Friday, 20th July 2012 and will continue upto maximum 30 days until Saturday, 18th August 2012. As per calculation, Eid ul Fitr 2012 will be celebrated on Sunday 19th August 2012.

If the new moon has been sighted in some location on Friday, 17th August, then Ramadan 2012 will be of 29 days and Eid ul Fitr 2012 will be observed on 18th August.

Eid is celebrated after either sighting the new crescent or observing 30 days of Ramadan. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Fast on seeing it (the new moon) and break on seeing it (the new moon), but if the sky is cloudy for you, then complete the number (of thirty).”

Please note that, all these dates are based on astronomical calculations, not on the actual sighting of the moon.

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