ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Fixtures Schedule PDF Download

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Fixtures Schedule has been announced today. Bangladesh will face the host England in the opening ODI match of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 at the Oval on June 1st, 2017.

Eight teams divided in two groups will play in 2017 ICC Champions Trophy ODI matches of 50 overs. Bangladesh is in Group A with Australia, New Zealand and the host England; while India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa are in Group B. India will face Pakistan on June 4, 2017 in Edgbaston.

Bangladesh will their second match of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 against Australia on 5th June and New Zealand on 9th June, 2017.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 semi-finals will be played on 14th & 15th June, 2017. Final match of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 will be played on Sunday June 18, 2017.
Group A          Group B
Australia           India
New Zealand    South Africa
England             Sri Lanka
Bangladesh       Pakistan

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Fixture

Thurs, 1 June – England v Bangladesh, The Oval (d)
Fri, 2 June – Australia v New Zealand, Edgbaston (d)
Sat, 3 June – Sri Lanka v South Africa, The Oval (d)
Sun, 4 June – India v Pakistan, Edgbaston (d)
Mon, 5 June – Australia v Bangladesh, The Oval (d/n)
Tues, 6 June – England v New Zealand, Cardiff (d)
Wed, 7 June – Pakistan v South Africa, Edgbaston (d/n)
Thurs, 8 June – India v Sri Lanka, The Oval (d)
Fri, 9 June – New Zealand v Bangladesh, Cardiff (d)
Sat, 10 June – England v Australia, Edgbaston (d)
Sun, 11 June – India v South Africa, The Oval (d)
Mon, 12 June – Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Cardiff (d)
Wed, 14 June – First semi-final (A1 v B2), Cardiff (d)
Thurs, 15 June – Second semi-final (A2 v B1), Edgbaston (d)
Sun, 18 June – Final, The Oval (d)
Mon, 19 June – Reserve day (d)

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