IPL 2012 Final Preview – KKR v CSK – Road to the IPL Champion

IPL 2012 Final – KKR v CSK – Road to the IPL Champion

Live Kolkata vs Chennai - IPL 2012 Final - May 27

The road to the IPL 2012 final is often arduous, and the path towards the IPL title is certainly one that requires a lot of character and temperance. Sport has no definite formula for success; as a result, the IPL 2012 final also presents an opportunity to witness two contrasting captaincy styles of the leaders of the two finalists. MS Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir might have played and won a lot together, but come Sunday, they’ll be trying to outfox each other with their own brand of leadership.

The Super Kings have been there and done that by peaking at the right time and carrying on that momentum all the way till winning the trophy. Meanwhile, the Knight Riders are making their first appearance in an IPL final thanks to Gambhir’s ability to get his players firing in unison.

“Gautam is an aggressive captain – a bit different from me. I am aggressive as well, but I’m not very expressive on the field and that has been the strength of CSK. Gautam, on the other hand, is very expressive,” Dhoni said as he emphasised how he’s different from the KKR skipper.

“Even if the game is in his pocket, he is still on his toes, demanding that his players keep up the momentum and wrap the game up convincingly. That is his strength as a leader and he’s done really well with KKR,” he added.

The goal of both teams remains the same but the method chosen for achieving victory varies. KKR follow their skipper’s mantra of one for all and all for one, while CSK leave more room for individual brilliance; for example, Murali Vijay’s electrifying knock in Qualifier 2 against the Delhi Daredevils.

“KKR is not about one or two heroes, it’s about the people who have supported us back home,” Gambhir emphasised ahead of Sunday’s final.
Dhoni, on the other hand, put the onus on one of the 22 players to etch his name in their team’s folklore. “It’s another opportunity for someone to be a hero – that’s how I look at it. Tomorrow somebody, either from our side or KKR will be a hero,” he said.

All in all, the final at the MA Chidambaram Stadium promises to be a fascinating encounter with a battle of cricketing philosophies awaiting fans worldwide.

Video: Watch KKR’s Journey to the IPL 2012 Final – Kolkata Knight Riders

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Video: Watch CSK’s Journey to the IPL 2012 Final – Chennai Super Kings

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