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Chinese New Year Songs 2012: Watch & Download

Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year Songs 2012

Watch & download Chinese New Year Songs 2012.

Zhang Yufang a.k.a Grace Chang (葛兰) – Gong Xi Fa Cai (恭喜發財) [Literally: Congratulate You With Prosperity], which was apparently produced in 1956, songwriter: Min Yao (=Yao Min?), lyrics: Li Jun Qing.

Download Chinese New Year Song 2012: Gong Xi Fa Cai

Yao Li (姚莉) – Gong Xi Gong Xi (恭喜恭喜)
, with her brother Yao Man; this is perhaps the undisputed most popular Chinese New Year song of all time. Apparently recorded in 1946 in Shanghai with Chen Gexin composing the lyrics, it was not originally intended to be a CNY song, but rather a celebratory tune toasting the end of World War II.


Wu Ying-yin a.k.a Wu Jianqiu (吳鶯音) – Ta Di Hui Chun (大地回春), which was apparently produced in 1946. The title literally means “welcoming of spring in the big land,” and ode to the “motherland.” She recorded the song when she was 24. She died in 2009.


Zhang Fan (张帆) (a.k.a Li Jinhui) – He Xin Nian (贺新年)[literally: Chinese New Year]

Melody composed by Hou Xiang. Apparently recorded in 1948, when the singer was 26. She died in 2007. Interestingly it’s interspersed with the opening melody of the Christmas song Jingle Bells!


Lin Dai and Yan Jun (Chorus) [林黛与严俊 (合唱)] – 拜年 (Happy New Year), apparently produced 1956. The chorus apparently was written even earlier – before 1940. Songwriter: Yan Hua, lyrics: Jinquan.


“White Light” a.k.a Shi Yongfen (白光) – Happy New Year to Wang Xiaoer (向王小二拜年), apparently produced in 1950, when she was 29. This song is even more tightly integrated with the Christmas song Jingle Bells than the other CNY classic, He Xin Nian. She died in 1999. Songwriter: [unknown]; lyrics: Chen Gexin.


Sam Hui (許冠傑) – Cai Shen Dao (财神到), which was apparently produced in 1979. This is one of Sam Hui’s most enduringly popular songs.


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