Subaru XV 2.0D: Exclusive Compact SUV

2013 Subaru XV

Subaru XV 2.0D: Exclusive Compact SUV

Subaru XV 2.0D Exclusive

High above the ground, plays the coupe, but the station wagon, in a highly competitive industry, that of the compact SUVs. It is the Subaru XV , which has targeted the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Nissan Qashqai . 4.50 meters long, will be on sale in Italy at the end of January 2012 in a range of agile, which includes two petrol engines of 1.6 liters and 2 respectively with ratings of 114 and 150 hp, which is accompanied by a 2-liter turbodiesel 147 hp . The three engines are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission with reduced (1.6i), a more normal 6-speed (2.0i 2.0 D) and an automatic CVT (1.6i 2.0i). Three, finally, are available: Comfort, Trends and Exclusive with prices ranging from 21,990 to 31,990 of the 1.6i Comfort 2.0 D of Euro Exclusive.

Subaru XV 2.0D Exclusive

Subaru XV Driver’s seat:

We put ourselves behind the Subaru XV wheel right in the latter, powered by a 147 hp four-cylinder turbo diesel, the most expensive of the range and equipped Subaru XV, with six-speed manual gearbox. The driving position, comfortable, is deliberately high to give the impression of SUVs. Well the controls, setting up some great accessories and perceived quality, especially as regards the materials used.

Subaru XV 2.0D Exclusive

Subaru XV Engine:

Pressing the button to the right of the steering wheel, the boxer diesel walked without raising her voice too much, but with the vitality that is expected from a 147 hp turbo diesel Subaru XV. There are new agile, both in city traffic in both extra-urban routes, despite the four-cylinder boxer is not a sample and elastic. In the second half, in fact, proves to be a bit ‘sluggish under 1,800 rpm / min, aided by the six-speed gearbox, whose grafts are a little’ thwarted, especially in quick maneuvers.

Subaru XV 2.0D Exclusive

Subaru XV on the road:

Different matter, however, the road manners of the Subaru XV driving pleasure, in fact, is related to comfort and dynamics, thanks to the suspension which follow well the dips in the road, although they have an answer rather than bumps on the dry and short depressions. The feeling, however, is fairly tight security, due in large part to the action of the 4×4 system with center differential with viscous coupling and torque distribution of 50:50. Thus the fifteenth tackles climbs and bends in agility and with some determination. The character of this crossover Subaru also does not change even when you go to the end because it never gives the feeling of being in trouble. Entering a curve shows some understeer, but at speed it would be preferable to rely on something a little ‘more responsive and progressive.

Subaru XV – Test Drive

Comes the brand new Subaru XV in January 15, 2012, the crossover all mode the house of the Pleiades. It will make a good competition between Qasquai, ASX, Juke and ix35.

Subaru XV Price: Starting from 22,990 euros.

New Subaru XV tried in Florence

Introduced with great fanfare in the city of the lily of the Subaru XV brand new crossover,with a large test drive in Chianti, including an off road in the midst of vineyards and olive trees now bare, in a classic autumn weather, with rain and lots of mud.

The Subaru XV (an acronym for cross-vehicle) is half of all new, the fruit of Subaru started a year and a half ago with the’ Impreza XV, which has been very successful, not only among the purists of the Japanese. And so it was a short step to create a crossover that was missing to complete the range of the Pleiades.

Muscular and compact design of  Subaru XV
Rewarding and has a design trend, which directs toward a strong presence despite its compact size (4.45 x1, 78×1, 57). The proportions with a sense of elegance and lightness, while its trunk puts together a high ground clearance (22cm) to large wheels (17 “), which usually characterize the traditional midsize SUVs. In addition to the look outside, Subaru XV offers much more than just satisfaction for the eyes: superior driving performance and fuel efficiency.

The new product made ​​in Japan is characterized by the latest generation engines, combined with the traditional handling for which Subaru is famous, thanks to the all-wheel drive Subaru XV Symmetrical AWD chassis and advanced Dynamic Chassis Control Concept, two of the key technologies of the House of the Rising the east. The combination of the boxer engine with four-wheel drive system provides exceptional stability, road holding and reliability, making it safe to ride in any weather and road conditions.

The latest generation boxer engine offers a remarkable level of performance and fuel, enough to compete – in its segment – with the 2-wheel drive competitors. Traditionally associated with the benefits provided in difficult weather conditions, off-road, in the mountains and rough roads in rural areas, with the fifteenth Subaru also transfers in urban safety and driving pleasure.

Smooth ride, fuel economy and safety features of Subaru XV
Five adjectives that come to mind to describe the new Subaru XV : secure, robust, functional, reliable and youth, and for the purchase, there are four main nouns: design, price, reputation and security. Nine ways to define a total crossovere that we really liked it and recommend to friends. Just a test, for those unfamiliar with the product in general Subaru, to see if any word is wasted or overstated. But we come now to the technical data. Three verison for the European and Italian markets: 1.6i 2.0i petrol engines, and diesel 2.0D, only Boxter.

The first is the basic version with a precise balance between fuel efficiency and quick throttle response, and the second is more powerful, agile, responsive and offers a refined ride quality, providing high torque at low and mid-range for daily use and practical use situations.

The two thousand Subaru boxer diesel is the well-known, high-performance, light and fluid. Large torque available at low revs, acceleration prompt, progressive, and consumption among the best in class. The three engines developed respectively 114, 150 and 147 horses. The gasoline is equivalent to 1 .6 2.0 diesel as emissions: 146 g / km. Traditional 6-speed manual transmission for both engines, while the new Subaru XV developed a new gearbox Lineartronic CVT (continuously variable ratio), lighter and more compact. The Start & Stop device is available on the petrol range. Prices start at EUR 23 000 1 .6 to get to 32 000 for a 2.0D Exclusive, top of the range.

New Subaru XV road behavior
Subaru = Security, a combination that does not disprove anything, much less with the Subaru XV. Just a few kilometers to feel in a cell-free aseptic dangers. There is nothing that makes you perceive in advance, but the concept of security will pervades everywhere. It is accentuated when you start to dare, to take some curve with a speed not in keeping with a ramp or highway without having to slow down time. The low center of gravity thanks to the boxer engine, traction interale permeanente and four-wheel independent suspension with MacPherson struts front and rear double-wishbone, they know not to make you long skid and keep on course. Since the first error you see that the machine will never betray you.

We started with two thousand motor gasoline, for highways, roads and the center of Florence, and then forward us the FI-PI-LI (the freeway to Pisa and Livorno), and the only sound was that of perceived winter tires on the asphalt drainage . For the rest of the fifteenth row that is a pleasure, maneuvering very well in the chaotic city traffic (perfect start-stop function) on the day of the strike of public transport. A chaos from which the new entry of the Pleiades shoving it out, with its beautiful couple and acceleration gritty.

On the highway, the only thing to watch are the camera, so you know it runs without.

Second part of testing on the roads instead of Chianti, with version 2.0 diesel, always with a 6-speed manual transmission. Climbs, brow, and juggles the large network of curves in the “S”, drunk by anyone, like a sports car. No roll to upset the balance, despite a vastly supported by the knowledge of situations and places, so as to promote a deep hollow. Not to mention the asphalt perpetually bathed in a light but insistent, piogerellina.

At Castello di Gabbiano, on the heights of Mercatale, we launched the Subaru XV 2.0 diesel along a descent of nearly 2 km from the fields (a path prepared by the technicians of Subaru Europe), with muddy earth and stones, sudden hairpin turns and grooves with mud. Well the fifteenth fared so very dear, when pressed it bluntly, almost like a pure off-road. In short, a performance vehicle and secure.

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