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Valentine’s Day 2012 : Top 50 Cards to share your feelings


Valentine’s Day Cards 2012 : Top 50 Cards to share your feelings


Valentines Day Cards 2012

Curious about the history behind the tradition of sending Valentine’s Day 2012 cards? Although it might seem like a modern phenomenon, people have actually been exchanging Valentine’s Day greeting cards for almost as long as they have been falling in love. Valentine’s Day cards have been a staple of the winter holiday for centuries, with well known verses like, “Roses are red, violets are blue…” dating back as far as the late sixteenth century. Even in Shakespeare’s time, Valentine’s Day was a chance to send a heartfelt note to that special someone. The famous poet wrote about it himself!

As the years passed and printing presses came into use, people continued to send Valentine’s Day cards with a little extra help from the modern technology of the day. Readily available cards, postcards and prints combined with the reduced cost of mailing Valentine’s Day 2012 greeting cards suddenly made it possible for people to send more cards than ever before. Nineteenth century postage fees were so low, in fact, that people were even empowered to send anonymous Valentine’s Day cards as well, giving rise to the ever-so-sweet idea of a secret admirer.

For a while after this round of innovation, Valentine’s Day card shoppers only had two options. They were forced to choose between mass-produced greeting cards sold in stores and the painstaking process of creating their own. Luckily, new technology has once again changed the industry, and now the days of sending generic Valentine’s Day greeting cards are numbered.

Today, handmade Valentine’s Day cards aren’t quite as popular as their printed counterparts, but at Tiny Prints you can still add a personal touch to every Valentine’s Day greeting card you send. It might not include lace, ribbons or a macaroni necklace, but you can add your own photos, text and verses to our collection of charming Valentine’s Day cards and greeting cards for an extra-special way to send your love on this fun and time-honored holiday.

So if you’re looking for a way to pay homage to the longstanding history of personalized Valentine’s Day 2012 greeting cards without breaking out the paper and scissors yourself, check out our adorable collection today. We offer fresh designs for families, couples and singles alike, along with cute Valentine’s Day cards for kids. These mini-cards are smaller than our other offerings, making them perfect for handing out at school, in dance class, at sports practice or even around the neighborhood.

Valentine’s Day photo cards are becoming increasingly popular with many stationery enthusiasts today. Wherever you choose to take your photo for your Valentine’s Day card, make sure you all look happy and in love by eliciting genuine smiles and giggles from each individual in your photo. These warm moments will make for the perfect picture to accompany your special greetings!

Start shopping now to find the right Valentine’s Day greeting cards to help you spread the love this winter. After all, not everyone likes chocolates, roses, kisses and cupcakes, but everyone loves to get a customized Valentine’s Day card in the mail!

Valentine’s Day 2012 or Valentines Day 2012?

One of the most common mistakes we see each February surrounds the phrase “Valentine’s cards.” So in case you’re wondering, we’re here to let you know once and for all whether “Valentine cards,” “Valentines Day cards” or any number of alternative spellings are most accurate.

Although we commonly see “Valentine card” or “Valentines Day card,” in fact neither of these spellings is correct. Valentine’s Day is a possessive phrase shortened from Saint Valentine’s Day, and therefore any phrase used to describe something related to Valentine’s Day should reflect a similar structure. As a result, instead of “Valentines Day cards” or “Valentine cards,” the proper spelling is “Valentine’s Day cards. We’re only willing to let the rule slide in the case of children handing out “valentines” to their friends and classmates.

We hope that helps clear things up. Here’s to a fun February filled with plenty of Valentine’s Day cards (with nary a “Valentine card” or “Valentines Day card” in sight!).

Well, enough theory; now send your valentine a awesome ecard from the top 50 Valentine’s Day cards 2012 collection  for a new approach to a romantic day! Whether you’re serious or silly, you’ll find the right card here.


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