Live Akheri Munajat – Bishwa Ijtema 2016 Online TV Telecast

Live TV: Bishwa Ijtema 2016 – Part 2

Live Akheri Munajat – Phase 2

Date: Sunday January 17, 2016

Time (approx): 11:00 am BDT | 0530 GMT | 12:30 am EST

Akheri Munajat by: Mawlana Muhammad Saad

Akheri Munajat 2016 – Bishwa Ijtema

The second phase of 3-day Biswa Ijtema 2016 will be concluded on Sunday January 17, 2016 with the offering of Akheri Munajat 2016, also known as ‘The Concluding Prayers’, seeking spiritual well-being and welfare of the Muslim Ummah. Biswa Ijtema is the second largest Muslim congregation in the world after the Hajj.

Noted Indian scholar Mawlana Muhammad Saad is expected to lead the Akheri Munajat 2016, starting around 11:00am. Before the Akheri Monajat, he will deliver a sermon on the importance of Islam based on the Quran and Hadith.

The second phase of Bishwa Ijtema 2016 started on 15th January and conclude on 17th January with the Akheri Munajat. For the first time, the Bishwa Ijtema is being held in four phases in two years.

People from 33 districts, including Dhaka, are taking part in the first two phases of Ijtema 2016, while those from the remaining 32 districts, also including Dhaka, will participate in the other two phases of Bishwa Ijtema next year.

Tablighi Jamaat has been organizing Biswa Ijtema, also called the World Muslims’ Congregation, every year since 1946. In 2011, the organizers had split the Bishwa Ijtema into two phases to deal with overcrowding, ensure better management and security.


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