Watch Live Cyclone ‘Mahasen’ Video Updates, Live Tracker, Live CAM, Photos, Satellite Images and Warnings

Watch Live Cyclone ‘Mahasen’ Video Updates, Live Tracker, Live CAM, Photos, Satellite Images and Warnings

Cyclone Mahasen 2013

Cyclone Mahasen 2013


Cylcone MAHASEN Signal:




MAHASEN Update (12:45pm BST – Thursday 16 May, 2013):  The cyclonic storm MAHASEN over westcentral Bay of Bengal moved further northeastwards during past 12 hours at a speed of about 25 kmph and lay centred at 12:45pm BD Time of 16th May 2013 (NEAR LAT 21.50 N AND LONG 90.60 E) about 110 km southwest of Chittagong, 100km southwest of Cox’s Bazar and 120km south of Mongla port.

The cylconic storm “Mahasen” started crossing the coast near Patuakhlai (Khapupara). It is likely to move northeasterly direction further and may take 3-5 hours to complete crossing Chittagong-Noakhali Coast near Meghna Eastuary.

Maximum sustained wind speed within 54km of the storm center is about 62km/hr, rising to 90km/hr in gusts and squalls. Sea will remain very rough near the storm center.  Maritime ports of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar have been advised to kep hoisted Danger Signal Number 7 (Seven).

How far is Cyclone MAHASEN from your City Location?


Distance of Cyclone Center (km)

Chittagong   110 km  (Danger Signal 7)
Cox’s Bazar   100 km  (Danger Signal 7)
Mongla   120 km  (Danger Signal 5)
Portblair   1050 km
Kolkata   380 km
Paradip   350 km

Mahasen, the cyclonic storm brewing over the Bay of Bengal, is 1200 km from Bangladesh east coast and more than 1,000 km from India’s eastern coast, but its outer reaches could bring rain and squalls to places as far away as Dhaka in the next two or three days, according to the forecast of the meteorological centre.

The cyclone ‘MAHASEN’, which developed on Saturday morning, is likely to intensify into a ‘severe cyclonic storm’ in the next 24 hours, according to a bulletin from the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD).

The impact of the emerging cyclone, coupled with pre-monsoon thundershowers, brought heavy rainfall along with severe thunder and lightning to several parts of Bangladesh and India which will continue till Thursday, May 16.

Month of May is always known as a ‘cyclone month’ and ‘Mahasen’ is the first cyclone this season, generally two or three cyclone passes through the Indian Ocean or Bay of Bengal at this time.

Cyclone MAHASEN Tracking Map

Cyclone MAHASEN Tracking Map

On May 13, the cyclone ‘MAHASEN’ is heading more northwards, but might change its trajectory in the next 36 hours and move towards the north-east Bangladesh-Myanmar coast, according to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD).

Maritime ports in Bangladesh have been alerted and advised to take adequate precautionary measures as cyclone Mahasen originated in the southeast Bay of Bengal moved slightly towards the northwest Sunday.

“Depression which already turned into cyclonic storm would likely move initially northwestwards during the next 36 hours and recurve thereafter northeastwards towards the Bangladesh-Myanmar coast,” said a meteorologist of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) which Sunday issued a special weather bulletin.

The BMD special bulletin said the cyclone was centered about 1, 300 km south-southwest of Bangladesh’s premier Chittagong seaport, some 242 km southeast of capital Dhaka, 1,230 km south-southwest of Cox’s Bazar seaport, about 391 km southeast of Dhaka, and 1,220 km south of Mongla port, about 178 km south of Dhaka.

It said maximum sustained wind speed within 54 km of the storm center has risen from 62 kph to 88 kph in gusts/squalls.

It said under the cyclone’s influence, squally weather may affect north bay, adjoining coastal area of Bangladesh and the maritime ports.

The meteorologist said cautionary signal No. 4 in a scale of 10 has been sounded for all ports when all fishing boats and trawlers over the north bay have been advised to remain close to the coast and proceed with caution till further notice.

They are also advised not to venture into the deep sea.

Sources say the South Asian country’s government has already asked its local administrations to remain alert so that evacuation of thousands of people from Bangladesh’s coastlines can be done in a short notice in an emergency situation.

Warning Details

Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD)

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