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French high-speed train derails & caught fire in Eckwersheim near Strasbourg

A train has derailed and caught fire in Eckwersheim near Strasbourg, France. Rescue teams have arrived to the site local media reported, adding there are casualties.

At least five people have died after a high speed train derailed in France and plunged into a river as the country faced its highest ever terror alert.

Early reports suggest the train caught fire before overturning and smashing onto its side.

As of yet there are no direct links with the terrorist attacks on Paris last night that killed over 120 people last night.

High-speed TGV train derailed in Eckwersheim in the Bas-Rhin department of Alsace in northeastern France mid-afternoon on Saturday. Early reports suggest, this was a test drive of the TGV train and there were no passengers on it.

Apparently, the accident was caused by “excessive speed,” AFP reported.

There has been no official confirmation on the casualties.

The SNCF state service has confirmed that the accident occurred, but didn’t provide further details, according to the paper.

Emergency crews have been deployed to the site. The train derailed while on a bridge and the cars fell into the Marne-Rhine canal, according to witness reports.

Photos from the scene show smoke coming from the carriages. Also pictures from a Reuters photographer at the scene showed the locomotive partly submerged in a canal alongside the tracks with other parts lying broken and detached in a field beside the track. Medical units including police divers were on the scene.

The second section of the Paris-Strasbourg high-speed TGV line on which the crash happened is set to open for service in April 2016.

We’ll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story.


French Train Crash Video

[fvplayer src=”” controlbar=”yes” mobile=”” caption=”French Train Crash – Nov 15″]


Details to follow –

French Train Crash - Nov 15

French Train Crash Nov 15

French TGV Train Crash

French Train Crash

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